Angels Among Us

Image -street at night

By Diana Wanamaker

21 yrs. ago today my life was saved by an Angel. She saved me from what could very well have been my last day here on this earth. At very least a tragedy could have occurred that I may have never recovered from. I had been stranded and was forced to walk home in a very dangerous part of a city.
She appeared in life form as a woman police officer. She came from out of the blue, unknown to this day how she ever appeared so quickly on a street where no one was around. Only the distant humming of a street lamp was heard. A time of night where only wolves dare walk the night. Stalking their prey as a wildcat in the bush. I kept turning around to watch behind me and kept my focus on getting out of the city as fast as I could. I was not out there long and a man in his car started to slowly travel next to the walking path I was on. He stalked me for a mile or two, and at each passing step, I held my breath. There was no one I could scream for. I was alone. All I could do is run, the moment I heard the tires stop. I kept turning to look at him but nothing deterred his intention. Then it happened, I heard his car stop and heard the creak of a door begin to open. My heart stopped. I froze. Before I could think another thought, my angel appeared. She pulled past the stalking car with the mysterious looking man at the wheel. She sped past him and stopped parallel with where I had froze., in my path. It happened so quick, I still to this day, do not how she could have come up there so fast. She yelled to me, “Get in the car NOW!” I immediately did what she asked me to do. I got in the car. I sat in the front seat and she drove ahead. “Oh my god”, I said. “You just saved my life”. She said, “I did”. I said, “Thank You”. As we engaged in conversation, we took notice that the stalker was following the police officer’s car. She had intended on driving me a few miles from harm’s way and dropping me off, but her plans changed when she saw the gumption of this man. “Awful balsy of him, isn’t it?”, I said. She agreed and she decided to pull him over and check his license. She told me to stay in the car no matter what. She pulled him over, checked his license and she could find nothing he was doing illegally. She continued to drive me as close to home as possible. However, the stalker continued to follow us for many more miles. She decided to take me beyond her boundary to a safer city. Finally, after reaching beyond the city’s border and beyond her boundary she dropped me at a gas station, about 4-5 miles from home. I safely arrived home that night.
My mother and I have forever appreciated the assistance and kindness that police officer offered me on that day and we consider it a miracle that has never been forgotten. So, each year we celebrate this day, as the day that the angel saved my life.
Months later I felt I had not properly thanked this police officer. It had gone all so fast, and I wanted to offer a few more words of gratitude to her and how I looked upon that eery night. I wanted he to know how I felt about what she did for me. I went to the city’s police station and spoke with a man in charge there and told him my story and how could I find the woman that helped me. I was able to get a contact number and was told she was working on a drug squad now. I made several attempts to contact her, but I never could. She kept getting moved around a lot and her shifts changed a lot. So, I finally ended my pursuit and left a message with one of her team members. He promised to give her the message and I then just moved on with my life. But that day has remained a day I will never forget.

Copyright 2015 Diana Wanamaker All Rights Reserved

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