The Love Story, Con’t.

Jay grazing with herd

By Diana Wanamaker

More on the Jay & Meisha Love Story……….
Was at the barn today picking up manure in one of the big pastures. It was only Jay out there. The herd had moved to the other side of the barn in the much larger pasture. Jay’s mare, Meisha had become separated from Jay and had started calling to him. She was unable to see him in the pasture, her view was blocked by one of the run-in sheds. She cried and cried for him. I was finishing up my manure clean up.  The barn was quite a distance to walk to, from where I was. I decided to wait till I was done with clean up, to help Meisha, if she hadn’t found Jay by then. Jay was near me, near the herd.
I said, “Jay, answer her!”. HIs head would come up, but he continued on his grazing with little concern. She started to become frantic and I could hear she had moved to the other side of the barn, still crying and looking for Jay. I came in from the pasture (clean-up done!) and started looking for Meisha, so I could take her out to Jay. Couldn’t find her.
I looked out to the much larger pasture, at the herd, from a distance. I spotted Meisha! She had gone out to the the herd to seek out Jay and had not found him. She had started to walk back to the barn, her head was hung low and she looked exasparated.
I called to her, her head came up, and she started trotting towards me. She knew that where I was, Jay was not far to be found. Her trot became a canter and she quickly made it back to the barn(and for Meisha whose balance is not 100%, that was quite a feat).
She continued to cry to Jay, looking around, ‘where is he?”, “where is he?”. All the goats following in her footsteps. I walked out to the pasture and she followed me, she spotted Jay. Had one last cry to him, Jay raised his head, and within moments all was well in Meisha’s world again.
I left with a smile on my face, seeing Jay & Meisha quietly grazing with the goats near by, peacefully enjoying their own family.
I have fallen in love with this sweet mare, Meisha and find humor in the goats and their devotion to Meisha! Each day I am fascinated & moved by this family Jay has acquired at this new farm.

Copyright October 2013. All Rights Reserved


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