In Harmony


By Diana Wanamaker

It was a quiet summer morning I arrived at the barn. After feeding and chores were done, I still had time to spare. I wanted to sneak in a mediatation before starting the day. My days had been so unbalanced with a fast pace, I knew I had to get more meditation in, to relieve some of the stress.

I grabbed my stool, headed to the back of the barn and took a seat. The barn was quiet and I was alone. Jay had finshed eating and was peacefully grazing. The sun was in abundance. There was a gentle breeze that was a bit cool, but it was that time of day when it was beginning to get warmer.

I sat down and closed my eyes and focused on my peaceful vision. Started with deep breaths, sat up straight and relaxed my inner body. Jay walked up to the back of the barn and stood there, next to me. His head lowered and I could feel his nose just touching my ear. I began to feel his breath. He stood there with me, quietly taking in the meditation. As I began to relax, my breathing became deeper and slower. Sighs of tension and stress were released. Jay’s breathing changed and he too released his tension with sighs. Harmony and peace was restored for both of us. Jay moved back to grazing, I got up and started my day with a sense of calm.

Copyright May 2012. All Rights Reserved

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