Dragonfly Visits

Image -dragonfly meaning

By Diana Wanamaker

Dragonfly Visits
Each day I arrived at home, exhausted and feeling beaten by the barn hunting. But each night for several nights a dragonfly sat on the frame of my front door. Appearing just at my eye’s view. And each morning as I left for the day, there sat that same dragonfly. His color was no longer of rainbows, but of a brown, glitter sheen. I looked closely at it and wondered why it chose to sit there, on my door for days to come.
Then another morning when I was feeding Jay and he was patiently awaiting for his next course, of his 3 course meal, there sat another dragonfly directly in the center of his face.
Feeling numb, tired and exhausted from the continued barn hunt, I still did not see the whispers of message the dragonfly was offering to me.
Once again, the dragonfly appeared around me, when I was tending to Jay and his needs, on a beautiful Indian summer day. One landed on Jay, and another fluttered around us.
It was then, that it dawned on me to investigate the meaning of these frequent and obvious visits of a dragonfly. It was in learning the meaning of the dragonfly, that I then knew it’s visits were offering me a message of hope. In that moment I knew that Jay and I were being watched over and all would be well.

Three days later from the last visit of the dragonflies, I found the barn of my dreams and continue to enjoy this most wonderful farm, to this present day.


Copyright September 24, 2014. All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Dragonfly Visits

  1. Lovely story,ever since last summer I have one and sometimes two dragon flies clinging to the dining room door and, wondered why they had decided to hang out there ,thanks for your wonderful story .


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