Memorable Connections

Image -Willy

By Diana Wanamaker

With all the inter-connected events that happened on this day, it was Willy that came to mind to me. With all the thoughts that were streaming thru my head, all the images, memories of times past and visions of future yet to come, it was Willy that kept flashing as a reoccurring thought.
If ever there was a time where a little girl’s dream came to reality, it would have been Willy. If there was ever a horse that one could imagine riding as a gallant statement, it would have been Willy. Standing tall at 16.2, he towered high, and offered the feeling of strength, confidence and wisdom.
What rolled through the archives of memories today was a moment in time, when Willy and I rode along a frequent trail out in the Metamora hills. A trail that ran not too far away from the country road, with plenty of trees along both sides of the trail. I could just barely view the road as we trotted along. We were so hidden by the trees, it offered the quiet privacy of a unforgotten path. Then comes a hill that peaks it’s steepness just at the top. We gallop up, roll over the top of the hill at a nice canter, ending up right into an open meadow. The power and beauty of Willy as we rolled up that hill together, his head tall and tucked naturally. Willy had this long beautiful stride and would cover ground like we were floating along. I could just feel his excitement, as we cantered along as one.
It was a memory that brought all my thoughts and connections together today….back to the sweet, timeless moments of being connected to my once most beautiful horse, Willy.

Copyright August 2015. All Rights Reserved

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