The Art of Allowing

Photo -Barn at night my

By Diana Wanamaker

The infinity of the night forever captures me. But on this night the moon lit up the sky and my surroundings of the barn almost as much as the break of daylight. Accompanied by the quiet stillness of winter.
I had made some attempts to take some night shots of Sadie in her paddock, as the warm welcome of the barn lights invited us from the moonlit darkness. However, the limitations of my camera could not even capture her shadow. She followed me around the paddock, standing close to me, as I tried to get distance from the two of us, so I could capture her on this moonlit night. But she continued to stay close to me, playfully nibbling on my hand and my coat, expressing her joy of this game.
That is the notion about getting close to those who fear closeness. When it no longer becomes a powerful wish, a determined intent on one’s part. Often too demanding of the other, and that energy is released with no judgements placed on it, but simply a wish of fortune that is allowed in their own time. Then comes a gift of all and more of the intimacy that is so craved. The love, the affection, the trust of two beings that struggle with trusting another again. All upon this moonlight night.

Copyright January 2016. All Rights Reserved

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