A Smile & Some Laughter

Image -horse image & water

By Diana Wanamaker

Some days I am just so disgusted with the selfish, stingy, greedy, callous, apathetic nature of some people, I can barely stand it anymore!! And all that negative energy just spiraled out of control with me today. It was like a runaway train, no matter what I tried to do to shake the negative emotions and thoughts, they just kept coming and coming! And the disappointment, the wrenching disappointment I felt by broken promises, or the judgements of others, or the fake mask they wear to others, but I know differently. The forever battles of some, who place importance on living beings only by what is given to them in payment of the almighty dollar, sickens me!!

In the midst of it all, I could no longer pretend away the built up emotions I was feeling, and helplessness I felt with certain people and circumstances in my world, that I can do nothing more about. I broke down, I could no longer take the stoic stance…..I stood at the barn, going thru my routine, while Jay rested his nose up to my ear and breathed his sweet breath into my face. The moment was lost with tears and more tears, with my deepest apologies, that I could not do better than what I am now. I felt such deep sorrow I almost fell to my knees. But Jay rested his nose on my shoulder and stood there amongst my brokenness, and took in my sadness….with no ties, no favors requested in return, no judgements, or expectations, just his kindness and compassion for all I wasn’t in that given moment. He then preceded to take the broom, leaning against the barn, grab it and started shaking it around..When he was done with that, he then knocked over the manure fork and moved that around like it was a soccer ball on the ground……then he continued with his antics and pulled the shovel out of the snow pile. Before he was done, I was laughing in hysterics at him…..and for a few moments, all my troubles, all my worries and hurt were taken from me, by a majestic being that only wanted from me a smile and some laughter.

Copyright February 13, 2013. All Rights Reserved

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