Dreams of Yesterday

Image -dreaming of a man from my past

By Diana Wanamaker

I had a dream last night. One of those dream’s that are so real you want the moment to last forever. A vivid recount that is so real, that it is only upon your wakening that you realize it was a dream. A dream that you carry with you thru the whole day and you can’t shake the memory it brings to mind.

Sweet kisses, heartfelt goodbyes’, gentle whisper’s of love to each other, hugs that warmed the soul, laughter that bellowed echoes afar and smile’s that will forever be imprinted………

I dreamed of a man that was once a part of my life. We started out dating, the dating part fizzled and it developed into a long friendship that went on and off over a span of 20 yrs. Adventure and excitement were the first allure to him. He was as we all know some men to be, a ‘bad boy’. He was charming, charismatic, funny and handsome! The kind of man that women would line up at the ‘kissing booth’ for and pay out their last $1 to get a kiss from him. Despite his irresistible charm and his long line of women, we remained a part of one another’s life thru many changes and life’s trials and tribulation’s.
There is a certain freedom to having a man as a close friend without the romantic pressure or expectation’s. Being able to talk to one another about what only most women friend’s share between each other. The companionship in-between our own romances. He was my knight in shining armor when I needed him, my shoulder to lean on when life got me down, a warm body to hold and hug when hugs were not in such abundance, and a friend to laugh and have adventure’s with. And adventures we had!
But as bad boys are, he was not someone you could always depend on, and it certainly was not without the heartache. But, it was not the dysfunction of the relationship I dreamed of, or thought of throughout the day today, it was the fond memories that left me longing for more.
We went our separate ways about 18 yrs. ago. He married many years ago and is happily married to the same woman today.
We have not spoken since then. Wishing continued well wishes and happiness to you dear friend.
There are certainly advantages to being single, and on most days I am perfectly content with it, but on occasion the loneliness swallows me up and the deep longing for what once was to come to life in the present measures larger then any given benefit of being single. Today was one of those days. This too shall pass and life today will once again be embraced and loved, as much as the memories of yesterday.

Copyright April 2015. All Rights Reserved

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