Newspaper Route

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By Diana Wanamaker

I have trekked, trotted, plowed, sailed and been dragged thru numerous jobs and employment hunts for almost 5 decades now. Searching and searching for my purpose and passion in life while making all and every attempt to bring in a income. Dual missions with only one purpose in life. To enjoy and love what I do. To bring meaning and purpose to my life as well as to offer inspiration and support to others. Helping others has been my primary drive in life. Wanting to make a difference.
Started out at 12 yrs. old with a paper route. Now those were the days! Where honest, hard work paid off. Where the lessons of hard work were learned not by talking but by doing. You want something, you go out there and get it!
I spent one year delivering papers and collecting subscribers fees, door to door. At the age of 12 I learned all about those that make excuses, to those that are mean and grumpy, to those that are kind and hospitable, to those that are weird and even a bit scary. Despite the colorful characters that I faced, I did what drove me to do something so very far from what I loved most.
I even excelled at what I did. I won a couple prizes for increasing customers that subscribed to the paper. At 4-5 am I woke up (very reluctantly) and stuffed dozens and dozens of papers (with the encouragement and support of my dear mom). Then I loaded those papers up and put them in my red wagon, brought my companion Alice (my Great Dane) and off we went together delivering papers each day!
After one year of earnings and savings I was able to lease my first horse! One glorious and exciting year of having a horse of my own!

All from a red wagon, a paper route and with my dog, I began my life’s desire to be gifted forever with the beauty of what my inner being is truly here for. To be surrounded by horses and animals and offer help and support to the lives of these sentiment beings. I knew it before even defining it. It lived within me and I could hear it’s calling from a very young age. I was fortunate enough to listen to it and to have the love and support of my parents, who too, also recognized what brought sunshine to my world.

Copyright April 2016. All Rights Reserved

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