Time….Space & Love

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By Diana Wanamaker

Time is forever a precious part of our lives
We are endlessly scurrying to acquire more of it, along with helplessly complaining there is not enough of it
The moment’s that take our breathe away are seemingly too short, but always remain a part of our being within the memories of our mind
The cherished moments of time with loved ones fuel our existence of being, valuable to all that experience it
Time while we are apart is counted, time we are together is too short, and time after the passing of our loved ones lives leaves us with how many moments we lost with them.
Even beyond the passing of a loved one, time lives on. Whether we believe in life after death, as our loved ones continue to offer subtle reminders they are close, even though their body of presence no longer exists. Or maybe it is simply captured in photos, video’s and the timeless captures of those moments once spent.
Time is infinity.

Space….Living space, freedom of space, space we own, space we dream of, space we have visited and space that calls to us to visit to answer the whisperings of the hearts’ yearnings.
Since probably the beginning of time, space has been fought for, bought, acquired, longed for, and for the lucky ones has been enjoyed while they are graced with every breath of life.
The space we live in, we own, and the space that is near our being is perpetually a part of our life. Who enters into our space (whether chosen or not) is of utmost importance.
The space we live in is detrimental to our existence or to our demise.
Those that have more space, have more money, that has been the rule since the beginning of time. Whether it was claimed, bought, fought, inherited or won.
The things that fill that living space are also determined by the amount of money one has.
The people that enter into our space of living is often one of choice and what offers great value to the importance of that space that is shared.
There is also the masterpiece of mother earth’s space. From dirt of the earth to the skies and beyond, space is always been one of beauty and mystery. With it, one can only imagine the devastation of not having it.
But it’s beauty enthrall’s us in so many ways and offers unfading presence to our lives.
From the mountains, to the rivers, oceans and desert’s of the land’s, a continuance of space is in abundance
Space is infinity and a precious commodity we all need and treasure thru the quantity of time.
Space is infinity……

As much love as one can receive or give
It does not always remain with one person, for relationships with certain individuals do not offer infinity of love
But love can always reappear again in another being. We can receive it, or walk away from it.
We can give as much love as we care to give, to as many people as we care to give it too.
That is infinite
Not all experience love, or can even define what it is, but it is still there, continually being offered to all that come acres it’s path
Love has been a part of life thru the many generations and era’s of time. From romance to undying love of a spouse, sibling, parent, child, friend, or the love of the many animal companions that fill our hearts with joy and purpose.
Relationships end, but love can always be a part of our life and those that come again into our lives. It is a choice of whether to offer and receive love to another, but love is always there. It is always a part that can be awakened again.
Love is even there for those who have not had the good fortune of knowing love in their lives. Make no mistake there are plenty that sit with loneliness and have never experienced the love of another. They too can find love somewhere, it is still forevermore a choice to seek out. To receive. To yearn for. To feel void without it.
Love is affection, support, acceptance and a long list of experience’s, obligations, sacrifices and commitment to another. It brings great pleasure and euphoric life to what seems like a dull existence without it. Love is romantic, sexual, friendly, happy, cheerful and intense. When love is used as the goodness it was designed to be, it can offer so much to a life. When used in negative ways and thru negative experiences, it is no longer timeless or offering it’s gift’s. Love is something that is present, it is the absence of it that causes the negative consequences.
Love is all around. It is the passion of a painter expressing their creativity, it is in the song of a musician, it is in the eyes of a man and women who are graced with timeless love, it is the intricate beauty of a hummingbird creating the perfect nest for it’s young ones to come, it is in the undying love of our pets that are a part of our families, it is the devotion of a parent to a child, the love letters unwritten and the words vowed in a marriage ceremony. Love is surrounded in our lives.
Love is infinity……

Copyright August 2015. All Rights Reserved

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