Revisiting Old Hurts

Image -books old

By Diana Wanamaker

Old emotional hurts are like a once remembered book on a shelf. Tucked away very neatly somewhere, collecting dust, no worries or cares that it is there. Often forgetting you even have it. It may sit there for years on end with no awakening to be read again. But safely sitting there, having once served a higher purpose.
Then something happens one day. A very big breeze comes along and blows the dust off that very book. Throws it out of it’s neatly tucked place, and down to the floor it falls, directly at your feet.
You then know, you must, once again, pick it up and revisit the pages of it’s story. No matter what it brings, there is still more to be learned from reading this old book.
Thru the turmoils of ‘something happened’, it offers yet another opportunity to heal the wounds of the past, so once again you may place the well used book back on the shelf. Maybe forever, maybe till again it is time to revisit it.
Then maybe one day it become’s a rebound book, with a bright, shiny cover, and a collector’s piece to be admired for all that it endured and all that was gained, from all the visits to the pages of this tattered book.

Copyright January 28, 2015. All Rights Reserved

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