Young Again

By Diana Wanamaker

You know what I miss?! I miss sexy, I miss my youth. I miss youthful eyes, short skirts, low cut dresses, high heels and lacy underclothes. Long hot kisses on a warm summer’s night, whistle’s and head’s turned, flirting, young- hot -tan men’s bodies in white cotton shirts and levi’s jeans and boots. I miss companionship and being in the game. Feeling good and looking beautiful. I miss being loved. I miss being hugged. I miss laughing with a partner and waking up next to him. I miss having a tan body, spending afternoon’s with my friends sun bathing on the beach and spending the evening going out dancing. I miss just packing up and traveling across the states. I miss vacations and flying some warm place in the winter. I miss the harbors, fine restaurants on the peers and skiing in the winter. I miss enjoying life!
It’s all changed so much, and time to time, I just enjoy thinking back and reliving the times of my youth! I can’t say I missed too many opportunities at all. I lived life to the fullest and there is a certain appeal to it, even today. It seems life anymore is all about surviving and struggling to get ahead or stay afloat. There is not much time for spontaneous fun outside of making a living and pursuing matters of the heart.
So, a few moments of visiting to the carefree days of my youth offers a short restitution to a different life today. Enjoyment and fun is measured in different ways today and at least I can say I have few regrets, for there are few things I didn’t take the moments of my youth to experience! From A to Z and back again, I did it! And I hope to one day capture some adventure again…….

Copyright March 1, 2015. All Rights Reserved

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