New Doors Open

Image -door open

By Diana Wanamaker

I dream of a part of my life to be something better, grander and truer to my heart’s yearnings. I think about, visualize it day in and day out.  Write it down, cut out pictures of it, describe it to myself, Feel it, and speak of it as if it is.   Yearning for it’s prescence in my life. Knowing that when it comes it will be even more than I had the ability to define.   Then it comes, but when it arrives it seems as if it is turbulent waters and my boat is taking in water without a life raft.  There is grief, misunderstanding, and questions to ‘why’. It appears as if darkness has prevailed upon my life once again. That my work to manifest my dreams was one of failure, that my hope has no weight and fate will steer it’s own course beyond anything I can control.

However, when I stopped and could see past the darkness of this sometimes turbulent change, I realized that my guide is working in my life and something GREAT is about to happen!   Somethings have dropped aside or are slowly leaving my life and the familiarity of it all brings fear and uncertainty. But, when I stop and look closely I realize that I have manifested this change. All the visualizing, all the creating of this possibility, all the support from those who care about me and my dreams is coming to reality.    Rarely am I prepared for the acutal change that comes, but faith will guide me thru.  As I know that once a door begins to close, it allows room for new doors to come in. The timing is rarely as I had hoped, but trusting and focusing on all that can be, instead of all that is falling apart is the key.  All will be well and light will abide over all darkness. I will trust the path(to the best of my ability) allow myself the feelings of uncertainty, but also to remember the feeling of excitement for what is to become!  Something Greater than I imagined!  Embracing it all and allowing it to work in my life!

Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved

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