Does Your Inner Life Match Your External Life?

Image -Scenary Pink trees in Black & white

Horses hold back no inner secrets and make no excuses for being who they are.  They reveal exactly what is near them and within them.  Lies are not tolerated. Fraudalent or phony behavior is not accepted and easily recognized.  Their truths and the inner truths of those around them are eminated as precisely as it is.  They live their lives authentically with genuine expression.  Thinking positive plays no role in the outcome of their life.  They live it in the present, hiding no truths of who they are, ot those around them.Their external and inner being is congruent at all times.

Perhaps the positive movement, has been taken to an extreme, where people are condoning a world without feelings or emotion. One cannot discover their inner truth when living in a state of fear and avoiding emotion. Finding a truth about yourself can sometimes be terribly painful. Most people are not willingly to seek out such pain.

Despite the journey, it is also humbling and freeing to your soul and offers an inner peace and clarity to your world, that nothing else can deliver. Reality and truths are not celebrated in this world, they are shunned and silenced. But new lights shine once you have been down the path of self awareness, there is no turning back and it will forever be a part of your life, offering new enlightment.  Let it be a secret to ’empathy’ and love and peace. In a world where there seems to be more hatred, hurt, narcissism,  and toxic people around, you can choose to become one of them by avoiding inner truths. Avoiding pain, running from emotions, or pretending away the unapparent life we hide from others and ourselves has a way of festering and erupting outwardly in often harmful manners.

Horses are often a conduit of self awareness, if  you open yourself to it.  They deliver truths about who you are in a non-threatening and often inviting way.  If lies are your speciality, it will be mirrored back to you by the way of the horse.   It is entirely up to you if you care to accept that and change it.

Perfection is not the goal, but seeking your own role in yout life, is the only way to avoid becoming what is so hurtfully done to you. I would rather contribute to love and peace and the empathy of others, than become something that is filled with hatred and bitterness and acts out in destructive ways. But, we are all human, and allowing us that is also of importance. Each person has their own journey. I simply choose to live my life, best I can, with a harmony of inner and external lives as one. As the way of the horse….

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright April 2016. All Rights Reserved

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