What Is The Value Of Your Life?

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What value does your life have? What is your worth? How is that measured?

Once I came upon a question that someone presented to me.  If you were to measure the value of your life without including your marital status, your career, your education, merits, awards, children, physical abilities, financial status, the volunteer work you provide, your religion, or any other exterior presentation or merits, how would you define the value of your life?

We all love stories that warm our heart and lift our spirits. We love to hear the humanity of life being brought to reality. It offers hope and strength to our own world. The dog that is rescued from the garbage, the person who overcame grand obstacles and finally succeeded, a person who beat all odds and succeeded at their life’s pursuit. People’s babies and families are forever a majority rule. Who doesn’t love babies, whether furry or human? And no matter who you are or what you have done, if God (religion) is any part of your equation, then you are forever accepted into the arms of the majority.

Measurement of a person’s life is often determined by popularity, acceptance and approval. The more compliant we become the more invited we are to become a part of the group. Play it safe.  Fit in.  Don’t rock the boat.  Stay on course. Messages bombard us everywhere showing us who to be and what to do.  Sometimes we end up becoming someone we are not, following ways we have no interest or belief in.  All for the sake of being able to ‘look good’.  Sure, we are told to be different, don’t be concerned with what the others say, just follow your heart.

So we take a stance, we follow our heart, we do what we love to do, only too often to discover we stand alone. Cast away.  Being different can seem to offer very little value or worth to a life. It goes unrecognizable and often is the lone tree in a desert.
My challenge to you is do something that is different! Step outside the thrones of the winning circle and do something that is not so popular, something that calls to you, but the fear of not being favored or desired keeps your inner most calling’s locked down. Just because it is the lone tree in the desert, does not mean it does not offer value or worth. There are many out there that struggle with being different and want to be have a sense of purpose and meaning to their lives. But by stepping outside the circle of majority, you offer hope and light to another’s soul, that too struggles with being different in a world of narrow margins. Sing a song of difference and light up another’s life!

How are you different and how does that offer value to your life and others?

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright May 12, 2016. All Rights Reserved

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