Dust Bunnies


Got home and was still reved up from the fast paced, non-stop week.
Like to have my ducks in a row before I sit down to relax. Cleaned litter pans, got my horse’s water ready for pm feeding and starting putting my things away from my Oils class. Took my diffuser in my room to plug it in, and wanted to plug in my ambiance lamp.
I had a new surge protector I hadn’t set up yet, so I thought, ok!, I will plug that in and get that done. Had to pull out dresser to plug in surge protector. So pulled it out and here’s what happened;
Saw dust bunnies all over the place, so got the vacuum out to vacuum behind dresser,
Got cleaner out to clean the back of dresser that was also dusty,
Then things fell off my dresser onto the floor,
So, I thought, Ok, I’ll clean these things too,
then I thought,
well as long as I have the vacuum out and the cleaner out I’ll clean
the things on my dresser and my TV.
then I thought,
Ok. got the vaccum out, might as well pull out the other end of the dresser and clean behind there
and since I’m putting away my Oils stuff, might as well put things away off my dresser I don’t use anymore,
then I thought, gone this far, so I might as well, vacuum the bedroom.
then the I thought, ok, did the bedroom might as well do the family room,
then the vacuum came unplugged
and I thought,
ok, IM DONE ! Enough already!

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright May 22, 2015

All Rights Reserved

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