Walk With The Devil -Drugs & Alcohol

Image -drugs & alcohol

It has once again come to my attention how many in this world anesthetize their world with alcohol, drugs and pills. How it corrupts the mind, the thoughts and the spiritual goodness to all who are captured by it’s seductiveness. It provides answers to the pain, to the denial of secrets kept locked inside, to the stressors of everyday life, to the unhappiness that has mistakenly been created by our own choices, the broken dreams, the guilt, the loss and heartbreak.

It knows of our woes so well, even those we care not to reveal to the world or others who surround us. It’s insidious capture uses those very reasons to seize it’s audience and hold you captive in it’s prison of escape delight. With each glass of wine, with each pill, with each puff, each sip of that illusive and powerful escape, momentarily relieves us of all that ails us.


It’s allure and often widely accepted and antagonized presence draws us back in, again and again. Some may never become chained by the addiction that sits as a close companion to the captivating release it offers. But those that have no chance, will forever find love and friendship, till death do you part, in that small glass of wine, that next pill, that next drug.

It will not only suck you dry of everything that is dear to you, but it will affect all who are dear to you. This living entity will not offer no remorse, it will not create prejudice of it’s victims, for once you have become a slave to it’s ways, you will either die, become insane, in prison, forever physically paralyzed, or by small chance of hope reach recovery. (*Note – abstinence is not recovery).

For those of you who are fortunate enough to not have the gene that will incarcerate you to it’s demise, you may ride on the fence line, where it’s appeal of escape, will unknowingly affect your life. It will still poison your thoughts, harm your physical body, spew words and actions during it’s use that you normally would not do or say. It may affect you in ways that you see no connection to it’s impact. It’s escape is far more important than anything else.

Image -addiction drug

You may be able to have that one pill, that one glass of wine and quit tomorrow. You just may, but what is unknown, that when you choose it’s path, you will one way or another feel it’s affects. Even if it is mild and less debilitating then those that have no choice to it’s destructive path. It will be a part of your life that is not going so well, wether minor or in major ways, make no mistake.

So, listen to your excuses, your reasons, your bargains, for those are the very life of that pill, that drink, that drug that has become one of your escapes and your best friend to all of life’s woes. It knows it and loves the excuses you make, the reasons you come up with, and the bargains you create. You could not be any closer to evil then you can with an addiction, even if you are riding on the it’s fence line.

Image -excuses

Your life may have all it’s ducks in a row, and you may be highly successful, financially well off, kept a job for countless years, have raised kids that turned out perfectly well. All good measurements of noting there is no addiction in your life.

However, rarely has there not been a life not affected by alcohol, pills and/or drugs, whether it is a full blown addiction, a addiction in it’s process of destruction, an occasional abusing of them, or the occasional and controlled user. Rarely, does it not eventually get out of control, rarely does it not affect another person’s life by it’s own life form taking over your’s and comes out in hurtful ways. The behaviors are there, whether your an addict or not. They are there, and not just when you enjoy the intoxification.

You think something so insidious and so evil rests when your not actually using it? Does sugar stop hurting your body, when you aren’t eating it? Does second hand smoke not affect your body when you aren’t breathing it in? Or you can think of it in a more positive way. If you love God and/or your spiritual practices. Do they not help you even when you are not in church, or reading your spiritual teachings? I would hope so.

Image -destructive

Here is a list of destructiveness that is typical of those that are still placated by drugs and alcohol, whether an addict or not. Keep in mind also, there are professional standards and assessment tools to determine if in fact you are an abuser or have an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. I would advise seeing someone professional to make that diagnosis. Like any symptom or list of symptoms, one has to seek professional assistance and be viewed as an individual. Since symptoms can mean a whole array of problems or issues, and the whole picture needs to be viewed, before making a final determination. Perhaps, looking honestly at yourself, and being accountable for any connection between these continued behaviors and your ‘using’ patterns.

Image -Seek Professional Help

These are some of the more behavioral signs: Blame, not accountable for their actions, lies, projecting onto others, entitlements, broken marriages, broken friendships, gossip, hurtful words towards others on a regular basis, denial, teasing at other’s expense, cheating, cowardliness at other’s expense and/or their own, narcissism, apathy, stealing, infidelity, purposeful and gainful deceit, using others for their own purpose, avoidance, betrayal, and more.

For the Addicted person, you can add these and another whole list that are professionally developed as strong indicators there is a problem, such as:

Do you ever drink or drug more than you planned on? Do you put yourself in risky situations (driving while intoxicated)? Do you not remember what you said or did the next day after drinking? Are you drinking/drugging more to get the same affect as when you first started? Have you tried quitting or drinking less with short term success? Does your family have a history of alcohol or drug abuse? Are your relationships in conflict all the time? Do you feel uncomfortable being around those who don’t drink? Do you sneak drinks? Has anyone ever expressed to you their concerns about your drinking and/or drugging? Have you tried controlled drinking/using? Do you drink to relax, when your disappointed, upset? Do you look for reasons to attend celebrations that offer alcohol or drugs?

Life has vibrations and energy all around us, just because it is not in our presence in that given moment, does not mean that that last exposure is not affecting our spirit and our being. Drugs, alcohol and pills affect us no matter whether your an addict or not. Wishing all that are in the pain and misery of addiction that help be your next choice, towards a road of recovery.

Image -recovery

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright May 2013. All Rights Reserved




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