Are You the Zebra With Different Colored Stripes?

Image -Zebra different colors

What it right for one soul may not be right for another. It may mean having to stand on your own and do something strange in the eyes of others.
-Eileen Caddy
Are you different?! Misunderstood? And often outcast for the many different ways you go about things. The different philosophies, values, ideas, etc. It can be a lonely road sometimes! And it is always such a joy to meet another that is a kindred spirit like yourself and speaks out to the world in being different!
No matter how hard I try to fit in sometimes, it goes against my grain. It is much like trying on a coat, that you think might just fit you well and flatter you, as so many are wearing it and it looks all so good on them. So, you give it try and wear it and you think, ok, maybe I can get used to this, maybe it’s not so bad. Think positive. But time passes and within you know it’s just not you, but you so badly want to fit in and do what everyone else is doing, just so it’s easier, so your liked, so your accepted, so your not so alone all the time. But the yearning within your heart and soul become increasingly unhappy with the coat. It doesn’t fit well, it doesn’t flatter you and it is isn’t YOU! So, you take it off, and as you take it off, the acceptance, the friends, and those around you fade away. But, you have YOU now! You have your heart and soul back, you know it within. It does not show itself to others, but you know what coat fits you best and what one shows who you really are best.
So, there is a Ying Yang of being different. Being true to ones self and loving and accepting ones’ self is first! One can never be happy trying to please the crowd, and leaving the inner callings of the soul.
And one day it will shine like no other!!!

Copyright April 25, 2014. All Rights Reserved

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