May Peace Be With You

Image -peaceful bridge

May love and laughter fill your day

May good and faithful friends and family be wherever you roam

As you express gratitude for this day may you never forget to live by the words you express.  For it is what we do for others and the world that remains immortal

May the explicit effort of your gratitude rein abundance in your life, surrounding you with joy, love and peace

Whatever is good, whatever brings you joy…. may it be your guide in life

Wishing that your days are filled with moments that bring cherished memories

That your journey through life is one guided by your inner light

With each step you take, each bridge you cross and every move you make be one that offers you the fullest in life

May the light over shadow the darkness that inevitably will appear on this path and may it’s lessons offer a brighter path to your next destination

May peace be the prominent resolution in your heart, today always and till the end…

Copyright May 26, 2016. All Rights Reserved

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