Whistle Blowers

Image -peaceful image whistleblower

Whether on a small scale or a large scale the whistle blowers of the world often become the target for revealing the facts they dare to reveal to the world. No matter the insignificance of their lives prior to revealing the facts of deeper truths, their story can suddenly become a circus show under a spotlight. What was once a life of insignificance can quickly become a highlight. The media, a single person, or a small community group can turn an innocent person into a guilty party. A microscopic view of their life can suddenly be the focus. Gossips ensue, their past becomes the present, mistakes they made become the new target. In a matter of no time at all, the whistle blower becomes the guilty party, and the story of the facts revealed become a lost echo in the night. No one even remembers what the original story was. Now, all they remember is the whistle blower. That is what the story becomes.

It happens in a small circle of friends, it happens in the work environment, behind the church doors, within schools, amongst families, and in the hierarchy of governments and high powered agencies. Facts get twisted into lies. The guilty party that the whistle blower so daringly revealed becomes the innocent party. Their life shines like they were just awarded a medal of honor. No one believes that such a stellar person of the community or the family or the organization could do such acts that the whistle blower has revealed.

The whistle blower dares to come forth and risk it all. Marching boldly to reveal the serpentine behavior that has harmed many beyond any words. Doing it all in the name of what feels best and right. Doing it so they no longer have to carry the burden of secrets. No longer do they have to live with the knowledge of how this person can continue to harm others.

It was done with no expectations of glory, not for attention, but for the mere goodness of doing the right thing! Standing true to their beliefs and the convictions they honor.

But what all too often happens is the whistle blower walks away with nothing and the pond scum that caused all the harm to begin with walks with his/her predecessors standing by their side.

The next time you witness a courageous person coming forth with the facts of a story and it quickly turns on the whistleblower, remember the story. Ignore the lies and deception of those around you that do all they can to discredit the whistle blower. The whistle blower is not the story, the story is the story!

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright June 2, 2016. All Rights Reserved

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