Extraordinary Moments of an Ordinary Life


Image -horse cantering on beach #2

I got a call at about 6 am, expecting the unexpected. I arrived ready to take on the task. She was sitting in the shower on a bench, water streaming over her naked body. Looking much like a new age Buddha. She took one look at me and there was a look of great relief, that wiped off the tension and concentration on her face. I was just as pleased to be there, as she was to have me.
She had told me that she had wanted me there much earlier, but her husband had hesitated waking me at such an early hour. She had begged and begged him, since he was not taking to his role in this whole life changing event. Her mother was there too and between the two of us, we had formed the perfect team.
My work began quickly, starting out with back massages. Talking, talking and talking in-between kept the preoccupation of each coming contraction. We laughed and I did all I could to relieve the all natural way of getting thru this amazing process.
We were getting near the end as each contraction let us all know that this new life was about to arrive. The nurse had come in to check on her, as a new contraction had arrived. The nurse offered a guided image for distraction purposes. The nurse told her to think of a beautiful sunny beach. Then her mother added something to it. I was sitting at the foot of the bed. All of us were weary at this point, especially my friend. I could tell the sunset beach image was not offering much effect for my friend.  I quickly perked up and knew that was not nearly enough for this kindred spirit friend, where we had shared an unmeasurable passion of equines for years.

“No, not just a beach, I said!”  “Your on a horse, cantering along the beach, as the sun begins to set on the beach”. As I set up the visualization I was sitting down and slapped my hands together and down on the tops of legs, stomped my feet on the floor, in a rhythmic sound, much like the sound of a horse’s hooves hitting the ground. Prrrrump, prrrump, prrrump, prrrump……The nurse and her mother started laughing. It was as if we were all there, on that beach. The nurse commented that she felt as if she was there. The contraction was gone, my friend smiled and to this day we still retell the story of this extraordinary moment.

There I witnessed the entire process of a child’s birth. From pregnancy to the birth of a healthy, baby boy. Truly an amazing experience.
These are the extraordinary moments of an ordinary life!

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright June 4, 2016. All Rights Reserved

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