Lessons from the Farm Way of Life

Image -Deer with baby

My day started out like any other day. A walk out to the back woods hauling my manure to dump. It is not so uncommon that I will see deer back there. This time of year being a special time because the babies are around.
As I approached the back gate, a deer leaped from the tall grass on the other side of the fence and off into the woods. I watched her white tail leave, thinking that near by she might have left her baby in hiding. As soon as my eyes had followed back to where the doe had left, I saw something hanging from the fence. Quickly I realized it was her baby, with it’s leg caught up in the fence. I dropped the handle on the manure bucket cart faster then I could have my next thought. Manure tumbling out everywhere.
I walked as slowly and quietly as I could up to the baby. Using a whisper tone as I spoke to it. I could see the fear in it’s eyes. When I reached the fence and looked at it’s leg closer, I tried to free it from the fence. It started to call out to it’s mom. The mother came back quickly to check on it’s baby. Staying at a distance, yet close enough for me to see the concern on her face.
I couldn’t free the leg, so I ran back to the barn to grab a pair of wire cutters. Then ran back to the baby deer, still hung up on the fence. I approached slowly again, cringing each time it struggled to free itself. Concerned she would injure itself even further. It didn’t look good. It had somehow twisted it’s fetlock around the fence like a twist tie. I could see blood coming from the leg and thought the worst, but hoped for only the best.
It managed to stay quiet enough, while I cut the wire. The doe near by, snorting in protest, approaching a bit closer, yet at a safe distance in helplessness. Our eyes met briefly. I continued working to free her baby, hoping for only a happy ending. I finally freed the baby’s leg, and it scrambled to run, but fell to the ground. I glanced over the fence, to get a quick view of it’s leg. I got a close look and saw the foot was detached, with the bone from it’s frail leg exposed. It’s leg was broken.
I was devastated and my thoughts were racing on how could this be fixed, it would never have a chance at life in the woods by itself, there was no hope for it to live.
I ran back up to the barn in tears. I saw the barn owner was home and knew there was only one thing I could do for this sweet, innocent life. I told the farm owner what had happened and asked if he could please go back there and put it out of it’s misery.
When we returned to where I had left the baby deer, she was gone from the spot I left her, dragging herself off another 100 feet, thru the thick brush and weeds, moving towards where it’s mother had stood and watched, just moments ago. The mother was not far from her crippled baby, only to disappear off into the thick of the woods, once we had approached.
And so the farm owner did what I had asked him to do. As the shot left a silence in the back woods, I could barely contain the emotions I was feeling. I could only imagine the horror that it’s mother must be going thru. Her instinctual fear of man and guns, will now become her known reality.
I asked the farm owner to leave the baby in the woods for awhile before he buried it, so it’s mother might have a chance to come and say it’s goodbye’s. He shrugged his shoulders in question, as if I was a crazy lady. I explained to him that we do that with the horses when they lose a companion. We allow them to visit the deceased body of it’s companion, to say goodbye.
I can’t imagine the confusion and hurt the mother must feel after it was all over. All day I could not get out of my head the image of that baby deer, and it’s mother’s look, staring directly thru me with her eyes, begging mercy upon her baby.
I hope to connect with her telepathically and offer an explanation, if she will allow me to, in regards to the passing demise of her baby.

I felt incredibly sad about it all day, and thought only of the mother and how confused and bewildered she must feel. A young life, being lost to such a misfortunate event.

It was such a sad moment, at least, but this is the world that lives and sometimes dies around the farm.


Misfortunate is a part of life, no matter our color, religion, sex or financial status. It will knock upon our door when least expected, with us having no power over it’s fate.  It may stick with us for moments into our future, for it so easily overshadows the goodness that surrounds our life.  Allow it to run its course, suppressing it’s energy will only cause it to fester and manifest in uglier and newer forms.  Processing it will help the understanding of it’s entry further and deeper.  Then when it feels more settled within, honor it and release it.  This will allow new energies of goodness to be attracted to your life.  Minimizing the adversity of life.

Understand and accept that life will happen, no matter our efforts to avoid it.  However, it is in the gently processing of these events that will determine our future incidents.  Negativity lives at a cellular level, planting and rooting itself deep in our bodies.  Echoing to the world the energy we hold onto.  Attracting more of it.

It is your choice, to hold onto it, suppress it, and allow its energy to grow within you, attracting more defeatist life, only to experience the piercing entry of its return.

Or you can choose to process the parts of life, no matter how small or how large it is , NOW. It is a choice that allows a clear path for renewed vibrancy.  Attracting new found spirit to your world.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright June, 28, 2016

All Rights Reserved

7 thoughts on “Lessons from the Farm Way of Life

    • Thank you, so kind of you. I feel for the mom. Although, I am glad I was there. After stepping out of the emotion, I realized that baby’s fate could have been much worse. The coyote’s roam those woods at night, for sure to have found her. The mother might have even been hurt defending her baby. So, maybe it was meant for me to be there, despite the heartbreak. 🙂

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  1. The moral behind this story is brilliant, there are bad things and negativity in this world but it can’t impact you unless you have it inside you. An eye-opening and thoughtful post. I may have gotten teary-eyed while reading about the baby deer. I can’t stand seeing innocent animals in misery 😦 what you did was really kind. *virtual hugs* – Michelle

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