Your Highest Self

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I found this writing as I was rummaging through my work history. Organizing a job description for a position I was interested in applying for.  It is amazing what you can discover about yourself, from the keepsakes of the past.

Discover parts of yourself that are uplifting and that acknowledge all the greatness you have accomplished.  Pieces to rediscover and connect with.  I recommend a work history review.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

This is a piece a written piece I found, I am guessing, by one of my clients that I had in a day treatment facility, for adolescent substance abusers.  As I encouraged them to be creative and follow what that inner calling was within them. Not written to me or for me, but for themselves.

“My grandest feelings, Love

My highest thoughts, You

My clearest words, truth

As communication from my highest self ”

Author of these words, unknown.


Presented by Diana Wanamaker

Copyright July 6, 2016

All Rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “Your Highest Self

  1. I’ve kept a journal for a few years now and every time I’m feeling down or demotivated I go back and read my entries from when I was motivated and inspired. Its a great way to keep yourself grounded! Really great post, Diana! 👍 – Michelle

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    • Thank you Michelle! So happy you enjoyed the post.
      Journaling is an amazing tool to have in life. I have used it for years and still amazed at what comes from it.
      Keep journaling Michelle!

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