Love Whispering’s

Image -barn at night

The quiet stillness of a cold night offers a life of it’s own. The chill of a winter’s night, blows so ever slightly thru the clearing of the equine’s noses. Barely visible crystal’s form around their noses, and their winter hair stands on it’s end to create nature’s blanket of warmth.

As Jay eats his usual meal, Sadie quietly exits to her back paddock, awaiting for Jay’s final meal. She stands in the night, listening to the sounds and watching it’s movements. Her long ears flicker back and forth with the life of the night beyond the visible eye.

I stand in the tack room with my routine preparation of another days end, and a new beginning to come. A mouse scurry’s across the feed room floor. Then runs again directly in front of my feet, quickly disappearing under the feed room locker. I continue with my doing’s, and I see the mouse peak it’s big eyes & disc shaped ears out, to veer up at me. I pause and watch. For a brief moment we exchange looks, and it then rushes again across the floor in front of me and quickly disappears behind the grain bins. I chuckle in what seems to be a test of this tiny creature. Am I a huntress to be warned of? Or am I an amusement to this little one that visits me on this cold winter’s night.

The barn routine continues amongst the late night feeding’s, with only the creatures of the night are visible or heard. Coyote’s howl as the full moon approaches and the owl hoots it’s calls to the moon’s light. I take in this silent respite of nature’s peace with each breathe. Ending my visit with love whisperings to my equines, exiting the barns life, into the darkness of the night.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Dec. 30, 2014

All Rights Reserved

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