Not all Champions are Blue Bloods

Image -champions unusual

Champions are large, sleek and without imperfections.
He did exactly what he had been taught to do – lose.

When you have been broken enough
you are driven beyond your truest potential
the reactive spirit becomes the experiences
and people in it push the buttons of failure
that stops you from becoming all you can be
Hidden beneath the brokenness is the amazement of the being
Given the luxury of support, warmth and love
buds what was tainted by the lack of humanity
and extenuating circumstances
Alone, facing much depravity, emptiness, no where to turn
walks in a miracle that sees beyond the brokenness

the doors open in grand gesture
in comes light of hope once again
the soothing comforts of the lights rays are first welcomed
in speechless words
Yet gloried dreams finalize acceptance

Learn again who you are
awaken the potential inside you
next to you walks the unfaltering support

Snags are inevitable
Anger quickly responds all too well
to the pain
and mistrust of the past
Do you see their pain?
Do you walk away? Or lend a helping hand?

Even in this temptress walk of comfort
your values can be questioned
competition is fierce
Steadfast confidence cannot be bullied
by Blue Blood glamour

What makes the underdog so popular
after their lonely path trail blazing
They won’t give up
despite their losses

The synergy of the team, each holding
the other limb from falling
the glory, the humor, the trust

Greatness doesn’t come without a fight
The underdog fights for the winning spot
against all odds
The underdog falls once again
Who stands by the fallen winner?
Who honors what once was but no longer is?

The fallen triumph and the victorious comebacks
sometimes it is the broken one who arrives
as the teacher
if you listen close enough
you will hear their lessons
for not all lessons come from champions

Can we learn from those we are not
the sleekest, the prettiest, the biggest,
the richest, the most successful?

It was meant to realize that not all champions come from a place with the highest education, the most awards, or the prettiest physique’s.  It seems in today’s world there is an enormous amount of competition.  One can never be BIG enough, to be given the opportunity to win, to succeed unless we shine well above all the others.

The person who has all the bells and whistles in place and has earned the highest achievements is the first pick of many.  The scrappy, less than perfect presentation of the person with much potential is left on their own. Rarely, if ever, given the opportunity to show their true grit of experience and promising abilities.

Seabiscuit was never seen as a blue blood champion. He was much smaller than most Thoroughbreds, slept most the day, and came with ordinary appearances and a slight limp.   Most winners come tall, sleek, with a personality and appearance that stands out to the rest.  The crowd loves them!  Then when they win, they are taken to the top.  Much like in the world of people.  The misfits of the world, the ones that don’t fit the winner’s circle mold are left aside.  With just as much potential, if not more, then the sleek blue blood’s of today’s world.

It was not only Seabiscuit, but the team that believed in him that made the difference and changed the world of each one of them.  All misfits who had experience misforutne and missed the boat of success, or lost their way due to the tragedy of loss.

Together, they became a synergy of success. They fit well as a team and had the best interests of Seabiscuit in their hearts.  Despite the glory of winning and the climb of success they accomplished, the interest and well being of Seabiscuit was their first interest.  It was that love, and genuine care that provided the success of Seabiscuit.

That horse knew he was a winner, it just took a group of misfits, to recognize his potential and give him what he needed to succeed.

Not all winners are blue bloods.  There are many out there that come in ordinary packaging, but have the highest of potential beyond any blue blood to achieve as much, if not more then any champion.  It just takes someone to recognize and believe in them to make it happen.

There are many true stories out there of people who have stepped outside the lines of the box to create inspiring stories that were beyond what others would have perceieved as being a winner.  Those are the stories that inspire.  Anyone can win given blue blood lines, with the best trainers, given the best diet and care, with a team of professionals all invested in the blue blood winning!  Anyone can do that!

It is the ones that win against all odds that are the true blue bloods of the world!  Those are the stories that inspire!

Note: *I was inspired by the movie, “Seabicuit”. However, I do NOT support the horse racing world at all, far too many horses have fallen to their death due to the brutal world of training.  I simply offer a methaphor about the champions of the racing world, to compare to our own world of striving for our success. To be heard. To be seen.  To create a legacy that will offer purpose to our lives and impact others in a positive way.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright July 31, 2016

All Rights Reserved

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