The Beauty of Closing Doors

Image -door cottage

The beauty of doors. The interesting beauty of their individuality. One never knowing what opens on the other side of a door. What fateful turn it could bring you to.  They can easily be shut and sometimes take many knocks to get a response. Some are tattered and worn with wisdom. Others offer bright, fresh colors and warm invitations.

A door can be described as exciting, fresh and surrounded with bright colors and flowers. A welcoming gift after the door that just closed.

Closing doors often brings new doors opening.  It is an energy that often begins just by having the courage to close a door that no longer serves us. It creates a new energy that begins spinning new life all around.

Who knows how many more doors will come this way, all from closing one unwanted door.

Amazing doors, aren’t they? How closing one can leave such pain and heartache, only to find another door, another opportunity that offers restoration of the soul. As if it was intended all along.

Free up your energy.  Have the courage to close a door.  Have the courage and faith to keep it closed. Knowing that another door will open for you.  In it’s own given time. And with that new door, it will bring new vibrant energy and create a new path of it’s own.

For if you don’t like the path your own, it is your duty to start paving a new path.

First you have to walk thru the door!

Then comes life’s awe inspiring moments directly to your door!

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright August 12, 2016

All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Closing Doors

  1. Talking about doors. They also add character to the house. I was attracted to my front door, one of the things that made me want to buy my home… I refused to replace it. (It would’ve cost me an arm and a leg coz it’s not standard.)

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