Image -Scenary boat on peaceful water

Imagine….A peaceful unknowing of lessons to be learned. The mysteries of life yet to be revealed, much like slowly moving along a calm water’s canal. Hear the gentle splashing of the water against the side of the boat. Smell the air of the water, with it’s own distinct aroma. Feel the breeze against your face, as you cruise along at a gentle speed. View the passing landscape and the individuality of each home. Finding the flaws and the appeal to each passing space. Enjoy the harmonious connection and being in the present moment. No worries, no fears or anxieties, just pure life in that given moment. Water’s conductor that brings the ever sought after feeling of tranquility.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright August 30, 2014

All Rights Reserved



19 thoughts on “Tranquility

  1. I was struck by the hypnotic use of comparisons, on a slow boat, canal, space, houses denoting individuality and the passenger having a opportunity to hazard guesses at potential individualities. It hints at life, viewing it as not so anxiety filling, provoking. At tolerance, acceptance of inhabitants and self. Brainwashing, what are you? A therapist, a counselor? A guru?
    Did I input a nickle’s worth, a dime’s worth or more, less,and would you tell me true? I’m a kidder, don’t take this seriously, I like some challenges provided they don’t have to do with blogging 101.

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    • 🙂 Awesome feedback! Great to know what others gain from your reading. There are no wrong or right answers, just knowing is all telling to the writer. 🙂

      Umm….insightful for a literary! 🙂
      Left brain oriented, are you?
      I once was a therapist/social worker.
      Guru of many things! 🙂

      I would say dollars worth, minus a dime or two for the brainwashing comment. 🙂

      Appreciate the time and feedback.

      Ok., your turn! Give me one to read and I will give honest feedback. Coming from a non literary point of view.

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      • Okay so I got my change back on the chuckle. Not sure if “the brainwashing comment..” had anything to do with my insulting an artistic temperament (lol, I hope…). Don’t know as to whether to own up to ignorance on the left brain oriented thing (plus don’t think it fair to point out on assessments others have made concerning moi. Including Therapist, and counselors, among other “accredited individuals”) At any rate, take it all back, point it, the flowing stream of ownership, inspiration back to you (I’m good with that). Hands down you got me beat. One last thing (maybe), the brainwashing comment, likely was spawned as a observation in the sense that, unintentionally designed (by you subconsciously) as it may have it been, this might not be able to rule out this property (eh..) of the work. What you have got to do to be fair is not get assigned one of my works to analyze, no, but to open up and state, what (IE) you were attempting, with that piece, what was it all about. It really sounds like you are withholding with deliberateness (huh?).

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  2. I smile and chuckle at your response. Now I am introduced to the person, not the writer. 🙂

    Ok. Choose a piece. Be patient with my repsonese. 🙂 Running out of time this morning.

    True, I probably will see both sides of the story. Gifted to be able to do that. 🙂

    LOL! Spelling error. Yes, layman’s.

    Ok, if you are not a literary writer, then what classification would you give your writing.
    Although, I still believe I read literary in your writings. Which should be taken as a compliment.

    Ahhh!!! I see! That explains alot about your writing. Your Spanish! Yes, I am familiar with the Spanish language, 101. I understand.
    Although, I do see that you are and have written other pieces that don’t follow the spanish way of writing.
    It is a choice then? You are capable of both ways?

    Always so interesting to hear the story behind the writer. True stories captivate me! Although, who wants the truth nowadays! 🙂

    Grammar sucks! Hows that for grammar!
    I speak only one language and grew up here in the U.S, learning grammar and the English langauge all my life. Clearly after High School, there was not much need for it, even in college.
    It was not till I started writing and applying for writing jobs (way after college) that the whole grammar issue became evident to me. My grammar lacks also! But I have no interest in going back to school to learn it all over again. 🙂

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  3. I do owe you some props.
    You are very intelligent. But, yes that could be a problem to some extent. Some immutability might present itself. That is Duality’s doing.
    Also you’ve spiked my stats this morning. Thanks.
    And I too am flattered that you have assaulted my citadel of peace this morning. I don’t know if it can be stated that we are though a tiny bit blunt, polite.

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    • 🙂 Ok. so be prepared for the spike to go down, as what goes up comes down. 🙂

      Polite is respectful and a much needed attribute, especially if two individuals don’t agree and their belief systems are contraindicated. 🙂

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