Boat Rocker or Crowd Pleaser? Being True to Yourself

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Trail Blazers, Whistle blowers, Radicals who fight for a cause, those who stand out in a crowd and are viewed as troublesome, boat rockers, etc. These are the people who are truthful beings, who live with conviction, truthful to themselves, forever striving to follow what is in their heart and find happiness that is meant for them, despite the critics and non-supporters. They are people who know who they are and what they want, they aren’t in it for the acceptance or the crowd pleasing, they do it because they know who they are and what creates happiness in their life. -Diana Wanamaker

The ‘Science of the Spirit’ published an article (Thursday, September 4, 2014) about a personality study they did regarding the type of people who walk around seemingly nice and happy all the time.  Here are some of the findings they discovered.

“What researchers discovered was surprising: Those who are described as “agreeable, conscientious personalities” are more likely to follow orders and deliver electric shocks that they believe can harm innocent people, while “more contrarian, less agreeable personalities” are more likely to refuse to hurt others.
“The irony is that a personality disposition normally seen as antisocial – disagreeableness – may actually be linked to ‘pro-social’ behavior,'” writes Psychology Today’s Kenneth Worthy.
“This connection seems to arise from a willingness to sacrifice one’s popularity a bit to act in a moral and just way toward other people, animals or the environment at large. Popularity, in the end, may be more a sign of social graces and perhaps a desire to fit in than any kind of moral superiority.”
The study also found that people holding left-wing political views were less willing to hurt others.
The Nazi effect: The findings lend themselves even further to Milgram’s original goal in the ’60s: trying to understand the rise of Nazism. Milgram began his experiments in July 1961, three months after the start of the trial of German Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann. He believed his findings might help explain how seemingly nice people can do horrible things if they are ordered to do so.
Does that mean the Nazis were just nice people trying to follow orders and be polite? You probably wouldn’t want to go that far, but suffice to say, it turns out nice people just want to appease authorities, while rebels stick to their guns.” -The Science of Spirit

Article can be read here:

Be true to yourself for the sake of yourself. Doing anything beyond what calls out to you each day is simply denying yourself.  Pretending to be someone you are not, for the sake of pleasing the crowd, winning the affection of other’s for popularity purposes will eventually wear on you.  Someone, sooner or later, will discover the truth behind the mask you wear.

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We can’t all be rebel rousers or trail blazers.  It’s not in everyone’s DNA!  So, then what?!  The point of the message is to become more aware of what your doing and why your doing it.  Is it going against the voice within?  Are you pretending to be someone you are not?

We all have to act appropriately in certain circles and at social gatherings. Acting politely, civilly and respectfully is not pretending to be someone you are not.  There is a time and place to let the rebel rouser out!  A time to go trail blazing past the norms of society.  Because it is what speaks to you within.  You feel it.  Know it.  In every fiber of your being.

Everyday people make decisions about their lives that go against the grain of who they are.  Marrying people they know they shouldn’t marry.  Taking on a job you know is not meant for you (this is not always a choice for many of us), and countless personal decisions we make that go against who we are, simply to please someone else.

There is no doubletdly decisions that we don’t want to make, but they are the right decision.  Some of us make difficult decisions that is morally wrong in all circles, yet is right for them.  These are the most difficult of all.

A woman who quits her job and moves to New York with no site of a job when she arrives. A man who decides to live among Grizzly Bears and later his story is documented. A man who quits his medical practice to enrich the lives of the homeless  by offering them baths, grooming and food. A woman who leaves her husband for a year to travel the world.

Do we be true to ourself, do what is seemingly best for our situation in that given moment, or do we follow the path that is morally acceptable in our society?  Difficult decisions are made in our lives, each day, that map a path to our future.  Decisions that will one day be a reflection of days gone, but moments we will forever live with.  Be true to yourself is one path, that most of us will not regret.  Not always the easy path to take, for it may go against the grain of what other’s wish for us, or against the social pressures of our society.

Be sure that the decisions your making are ones that are a true image of yourself, and not an escape pattern in your life.  Sometimes what feels like the right thing to do, may not feel as if it is the our true path, but doing what is morally and ethically sound will reside with us much longer than following our heart. Also be aware of following dreams that could ultimately cause financial crisis.  Decisions that require money, leaving a job (=money), or following a path of creating work based on passion, is a completely different story.  These type of decisions need to be more thought out and realistically planned. These are cul-de-sac decisions of life.  Only you can make those decisions.

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There is a compelling and moving story about a professional snow boarder, Kevin Pierce (“The Crash Reel” movie) who rises to the top of his game, winning many snow boarding competitions. He becomes well known and follows his heart, true to himself in every aspect of the word.  It is a documentary film that has won many awards and was victorious in the hearts of many.

What happens to Kevin Pierce is he has a life threatening accident that causes severe brain damage.  This film chronicles the life of Kevin Pierce as he recovers from the accident, with his family and many fans and friends by his side.  The film covers the family’s side of the story, the friends, other professional snow boarders and Kevin’s infinite love for snow boarding.

Despite the evidence of his brain injury, Kevin stays rooted to his true inner being and continues to dream and desire to snow board again.  (Those of us with undying passions that are innately part of every aspect of our mind, body and soul will understand this). This film not only closely examines Kevin’s love to continue snowboarding despite the reality of his situation, but how his decision impacts the family members.  Kevin is caught in a blind alley, yet remains true to himself, no matter the cost.

Image -Kevin Pierce family (snow boarder champion)

View a video clip of the Kevin Pierce story here:

Who are we really to influence the decisions of others, that speak that loudly and that true on another?  Are we here to live our life, or to live based on the wants and needs of others?  At what cost, to ourself, or to our loved ones?  How far do we go?

These are the difficult decisions that erode or inspire our inner being.  So, if you are small & unknown and you dream of something big.  Know this is part of you.  To do it for the love of knowing a part of yourself you honor, that makes you feel like you are someone else, is a true calling.  To enrich and inspire the world and the lives of others, validates the true inner calling.  For nothing speaks greater then the elation of doing something big, something you have never done, praticularly when no one gives you a chance or supports you in your calling.

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By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Sept. 4, 2016

All Rights Reserved

Sources:  The Spirit of Science, The Crash Reel – videographed documentary story of famous snow boarder Kevin Pierce, The Attitude of Gratitude with Michelle Welch (Facebook).

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