Goodbye Ole’ Friend


Hello Ole Friend!
It is your friend from times past
Can you hear me in your heart
Do you know me?

I must have wanted to call you
a thousand times to say I am sorry for that day
The hurt and pain hold stronger to my heart still today
I know the part that I played
I am sorry for everything I have done

It tore me apart
the parting of our ways

It flashes thru my mind
dissecting each moment in time
many times over
It is so like me to do so

It tore me apart
the many hurts I felt
from the sting of your ways

So many say that time will heal all wounds
this I know to be true
as time passes
it lessens

Life musters upon us
widening the gap of what was and what is

I wonder if years will ever erase
the memories we shared

There is such a difference
between me and you

How replaceable I am
It is so typical the
stinging aftermath
echoed lies of what
happened that day
in your circles

Each one walking away from me
losing not only our friendship
but those friendships
I knew connected to you

It tore me apart
the many hurts I felt
from the sting of your ways

Your ways
keep me from
calling I’m sorry to you
for it is the betrayals
that lie closer to my essence
then the sorrowful words
I know that you deserve

But I do not stop here
for it is the passing of time
that will bring me one day
to a place where
humility will live fully
in my heart
and be forgotten
the sting of your ways.

The heart of the matter seems to
have left you untouched

It is no secret our time
ran out

as I continue to view
a playlist of our days gone
the good & the bad

I weep the tears of pain
or smirk a smile
divine the years of
so still the heart
as well as
a lifetime of
adventures shared

I send a whisper
of prayer your way
no matter the
torture of my heart
I carry on healing

It is as it should be
as I feel my spirit soften

As one day there will
lie scar tissue
over the wounds
it is no secret
that what was
will never be fully
cast aside

For I will see it
on the other side
of pain
to one day be seen
thru the gleaming
light of
only love & goodness

All of what was
untouched forever

and what is now
seen in a fresh

Goodbye ole’ friend

**This is another piece to the “Dear Friend” series I have decided to blog about, in hopes of healing the pain of losing those special friendships I carry in my heart forever. Wishing to once again find new friendships that imitate that which I miss. In journeying the healing path of loss and in hopes it too will assist others in their losses of friendships and other close relationships.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Sept. 16, 2016

All Rights Reserved

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