Find the Magic in your Life


Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a deep and unceasing love for horses. As far back as 2 yrs. old I found myself on top of or near a horse. As a young girl I would take every moment I had to spend near these majestic animals. Before I had the good fortune of having one as part of my own, I would spend hours flipping through magazines of beautiful horses. My bi-fold closet doors were covered with posters of horses. Every horse book or movie was at the top of my list to read or watch. My Great Dane, stick horse and Breyer horses became my horse till I could be near one, or have one of my own one day. Any connection I could have that imitated a horse, I would dream up, till I could find myself in their company again.

I had the very good fortune of being near horses from a very young age. From a lift up on to my Aunt’s horse, to being at my mother’s childhood farm, where the ponies were, to beginning my riding lessons upon a misty path in Epsom, England. I was incredibly blessed that my obvious love for horses was acknowledged and supported as quickly as I knew it was a part of me.

I can recall when my mother would drive me to my riding lessons, north of my childhood home (back in the U.S), and I would look for landmarks along the road that would tell me that I was just moments away from being near to what I loved more than life itself. I can recall kneeling on the car seat, so that I could see out the window, as everything rushed by, as if I was traveling in a run away train. Then came the landmarks. I would count them, my eyes upon each one, with the girlish anticipation of arriving soon at where I felt more connected than anywhere on earth….At the barn…with the horses.

There is no other magic in this world for me, then the magic of my life with horses. Nothing speaks more to my inner spirit then being in the presence of these extraordinary creatures. Even to this day my eyes get bigger as I pass a horse trailer on the road, my head turns anytime I see a farm, and I roll down the window and take in the amazing aroma of the horses. I can sit for hours at a horse show and watch the horses and their person’s interact with one another. As I watch them bound over those jumps in such grace and precision, I hold my breath and remember the days when I had the good fortune of being in that very seat. I can feel every beat of their hooves, as if I am there with them.

This is the essence of life. The magic that takes your soul on a journey where each time you see it, it brightens your world and nothing supersedes the joy and wonder of all it brings to your life. Nothing compares to it. You will go to great lengths to obtain it, see it, feel it, be there with it, and go back again and again for it. The sacrifices hold no weight to the exuberance it offers Few understand it. No words can quite explain what it does to your soul. And without it, your life feels empty, as if something is missing. Forever calling to you, till you can once again be in the company of it again. It’s purity of need is beyond any other need you have experienced, for only irrefutable elation comes from it. It fills the heart and sings a song of love to your individuality more than life itself. It is as much a part of who you are as any other part of your physical and emotional being.

Find the magic in your life, if you have not already. For it is the magic in this life journey that ignites us to our greatest self. It embellishes the moments in what can sometimes be a hard and cruel life. Everyone needs magic to light their fire in life. Because it is the fire in that allure that will keep us afloat during the times of life where darkness prevails, when there seems to be no other reason that we are here on this planet, or when life happens in the worst ways. It is that magic that we need to go to. To seek the energy it brings so easily to us. Gather up all it brings. For it is that love that will bring us back into balance and back upon the path that was meant to be.

It is that magic that is the guardian of your life.
Embrace it and never let it go.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Sept. 22, 2016

All Rights Reserved

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