Life Lessons


Life Lessons. They come in all different packages. Small, medium, large and some as super doozie package and those marked special delivery. Some with special handling instructions and others instructed to ‘handle with care’.

Life Lessons come in all different colors. From the bright and sunny side, to the grey and dreary, to the incredibly splashy and flashy multi-colors, to the dark and unbearable.

Life Lessons they come from the most likely places or people to the least likely places or people.

Life Lessons come from those that we often would normally avoid, to those that we seek out, to those that are the most unexpected.

Life Lessons come at times we have no time for them. They also come when we are eager, ready and waiting and yet, the lesson we seek is difficult to find. They come when we are not ready and when it is most needed.

Life Lessons – if we miss the message it comes back in new form. Louder. Each time we miss the message and pass by the lesson, each time it comes delivered back into our life, becoming louder and louder. Each time we pass it by, the more consequences we continue to encounter. The message at this point is screaming at us.

Don’t get to comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Getting uncomfortable for a transition period, can create all kinds of new and positive energies coming your way.
In the brightest and most exciting of packages.


So, open up your life lessons as if it was the gift that is the prettiest, brightest and most exciting gift you placed on your Birthday list. As if it was that long awaited package you saved and waited for years. As it was the long awaited package from Amazon, you can hardly wait to open!

Focus on all it brings to your life and move forward from there.
Push aside the months, or years it took you to take that ever brave step to move beyond the comfortable (even if so terribly unpleasant and uncomfortable). It is behind you now.

For now you have ventured out into the new world of New Life Lessons, that bring the glory and promise of tomorrow!

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Oct. 10, 2016

All Rights Reserved

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