The Soul Connection


My legs are squeezed around him, just tightly enough to feel the energy of him beneath me. I move in harmony with his movement. My eyes scan him and all that surrounds us.

He swiftly moves past the low laying branches and curves in the path.  I can smell the sweetness of the air and hear the blowing of his breath, to the rhythm of his gait. My heart is pounding with anticipation.

It is our body connection as one that propels us forward. I can hear each beat of his hooves, as we move across the earths ground.

I can feel his power, strength and courage. Each other partnering with the other as we gallop across the path. I guide him with my hands and legs, asking for his gallant best.  I feel his response. I see his reply.

We are a partnership, each giving what we naturally bring to this moment.  He carries me along, trusting in my decisions.  Each cue offering reassurance to him.  Each response knowing we live as one, in these moments.

We get view of the large log ahead. It stands high and wide, nestled perfectly along the trails path. His head is high, ears forward, as he too sees what is coming up.  His pace quickens and I pull him back ever so slightly to gather a steady pace, as we continue to approach the log.

We rest into the collected pace, approaching the log quickly.  I can feel his eagerness, his willingness. I take the cue.  Just at the right moment, I ask for it, as succinctly as he knows when.  I lean forward as he begins to ascend off the ground. My hands move up his neck, allowing him the rein he needs. I raise just slightly out of my saddle, when I lean forward. I can feel him lunge his hind legs off the ground and over the log. Air born for a few elated moments. His front legs hit the ground. I begin to sit back in my seat. The hind legs land and he takes his first stride forward. I am sitting upright in my saddle, as he moves strongly forward at a canter.

As we continue to canter after the jump, I smile with exhilaration. He pulls his head down and shakes it with energetic excitement. I giggle at his over exhuberent enthusiasm.

I then sit firmly in my seat, and ask for him to slow down. We slowly come to a collected halt. I rub my hand along his neck and speak to him with all the favorable affirmation I can offer.  He responds to my voice and the familiar feel of my hand along his neck. His head comes down, his body relaxes, and I release the pressure off the reins.

We continue to walk along the trail’s path, enjoying all that was and all that is. The perfect harmony of a relationship in action, that speaks few words.  My friend–my embodiment connection–teamed with time and souls.

Forever gifted with enlivened moments of the times shared and souls teamed.

Let your soul take you where you belong.

What or who brings a soul connection to your life?

Who or what brings an embodiment connection beyond words to your place on this earth?

Have you found it yet, or are you still searching for it?

Tell us your story of soul connection.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Oct. 16, 2016

All Rights Reserved

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