Your Intuitive Self


It is within each of us. An inner guide that paves the way to our truest and highest self.

Tuning into it is much like tuning into a frequency wave on your radio, as you drive out of it’s range. Nothing some practice can’t fix, offering more access to it’s messages, there for our taking.

The endless mind chatter that moves through our minds in a day can be overwhelming and bothersome.  It is not this chatter that offers the key to our world, it is the quiet inner voice that gently and without logic enters to speak to us.

It is the purest of pure, of all thoughts.  It is not accompanied by busy chatter.  It is not a question and offers no explanations.  It just is as is.

It never, ever comes to hurt, harm or steer us in negative ways.  Never, ever!

It comes surrounded by light and love, with only the most sincere intentions to bring you closer to all the joy and happiness that has been intended for your life.

The moment you question it or think that it too crazy to even consider, is the moment you dismiss it.  By dismissing it, you have not rid yourself of it for good, but you have now allowed the mindless chatter to take over.  It becomes fainter and more diffcult to decipher from the chatter.

It will return. Listen for it when it comes.  Believe it.  Take it with joy and gratitude. Honor yourself for hearing and acknowledging it. Offer gratitude for the gift it brings.

The gift is the key and answer to many of the unanswered questions that plague your life.

It however, does not mean that there will be action steps on your part to take. It just means that by listening and taking in what has been given to you, will become a voice that you will recognize more easily each time it visits.

Practice makes perfect.

Hear it’s calling. Know it’s voice.  Honor it’s visit. Act on it’s message of light.

Live the life that you are intended to live!

Give life purpose by listening to the all knowing voice of intuitiveness.


Here is an article from Huffington Post that offers the Science behind Intuition and some of the ways it is being used in the world today.

By Diana Wanamaker

Oct. 23, 2016

All Rights Reserved

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