The Beauty of Fall


This was taken from the minister at my mother’s church.  Laurie Haller is her name.  She has a blog she contributes to, as well as a book she has written and donated it’s earnings to a cause of her choice.

I love how honest she is throughout her book.  I am not a person of religion but a person of spirituality. I have lost all faith in the sanctity of religion (please do NOT take this as an invitation to preach to me or convert me to your beliefs) But Laurie offers a honest take on ministry and her life and the demands of her work and home life.  I love how real she is and how she continually seeks to find the balance in her life of being closer to God and living a life of ministry.

The Great “Letting Go: by Laurie Haller:

What’s your favorite time of year?” I ask a friend as we are walking. “Fall, I love this time of year! The leaves are changing, its getting colder, and the days are growing shorter. I really like the clouds and darkness of fall and winter. ‘I’m just the opposite,” I say. “I dislike fall and always have. I love light and sun, and when it gets dark so early, its depressing. Besides, fall was always the time when school started, and as a kid I never wanted to give up the freedom and joy of being outside playing all summer. Summer has always been my favorite season, and I never want it to end. ‘It’s not until a few weeks ago during a women’s retreat on Drummond Island that I finally realized why fall is challenging for me.
As we spend the weekend pondering the seasons of our lives, I begin to understand that for me, fall is a time of change and movement, and I often struggle with transitions. During the summer, nature explodes with growth, light, energy, warmth and fruitfulness. Fall, by contrast, is the time when crops have been harvested, fields are plowed under, leaves fall to the ground, and the earth becomes fallow. Wood is chopped, silos are filled, warm clothes come out, storm windows replace screens, and we anticipate hunkering down for the winter. What has been given in such abundance is now taken away. No wonder I hate fall! I don’t like to let go of summer, contemplate six months of darkness and isolation, and be forced inside my house, let alone inside my heart, where God waits to teach me patience, hope, and the value of rest and growth.
Of course, the word “fall” does not come from a bed of leaves but from the sun. The amount of sunlight reaching the earth’s surface determines the change of seasons. As the earth slowly falls away from the sun, the intensity of light lessens. The light then “springs” back in six months.

I can’t tear my eyes away from the heavens, claiming the beauty and gifts of the darkness in my own life. ‘I will love the light,for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.’ (Og Mandino)
> A hawk glides through the sky. I, too, long to fly free.
> The wind whistles through the aspen trees. I long to follow the wind of the an angels whispers.
> The sun is warm. Spiritual being, I long for the warmth of your love in my life so that I can warm the hearts of others.
> Just as the clear water reflects my own image back to me, so I long to reflect God’s grace back to others.
> I long for the faith of trees firmly rooted in the earth, trees that trust enough to offer their leaves to death, believing in the new life that will return in the spring.
> I long for the angels to carry me through periods of dormancy, knowing they can work through me even when I cannot see it.
> I long to be nimble as the white-tailed deer bounding through the forest, ready always to go where Angels call.
> I long to clear out the undergrowth weighing down my spirit so that I can see and smell the flowers.
> I long for the drops of dew that are my tears to be a source of healing and hope for others.
> I long to say goodbye to what no longer matters rather than cling to what I do not need.

Enjoy the gifts of Fall!

Presented by Diana Wanamaker

The Great “Letting Go” written by Laurie Haller

Take a look at Laurie’s book:  Recess -Rediscovering Play and Purpose

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