Wisdom of Your Soul


There will be times when all hope is lost. When the days are too long and the challenges to great. The overbearing and uncontrollable cycles of despair will leave it’s mark on even the luckiest souls. Loss will be inevitable, some shown as life’s necessary losses, while others are unexplained and devastating.

Tears and anguish will visit each heart at one time or another in a life’s span. Failure will rear it’s ugly head upon even those that manifest any goodness with ease. Poverty lurks a shadow upon many a woman or man’s door step, only one paycheck away from homelessness and destitute.

The many injustices of greed, inhumanity and countless unfair practices will be known to us all. Hatred, prejudice, inequality, and earthly disasters will continue, as they have for centuries before.

We will never be smart enough, know enough, earn enough, be thin enough, successful enough, or lay a shining light upon the world…enough.

It is a global world now. No longer does only the mom and pop store, small towns, and home town communities exist within only their small circles. Today, the circles are larger and more culturally expanded.

With the web/internet, the competition is beyond reach for the majority of us. We can never be strong enough, do enough, or be big enough to stand up to the ones that have created a viral (millions and hundreds of thousand of hits/shares, etc.) impact on the world. Many inspiring, funny and amazing events can be seen.

However, most of us will never match it. We will never be that viral hit in the world. We might make an impact. We might have much to offer and be incredibly skilled, educated, and have an outstanding resume or portfolio of our life’s work. But it will never be enough. Even if you or someone you know is lucky enough to make it to the top, then one has to hold it there. Because there is always someone nipping at your heals that will out do you or out last you.

Measured by the outside world, we can never be good enough.

I know! So, where is the inspirational message in all this gloom & doom?

The wisdom of your soul

There are so many ways to do any given thing nowadays. It will make your head spin. You think the cereal isle is a difficult decision, just google any given problem and it’s solution, and you will be overwhelmed with answers. Not to mention hungry businesses’ rushing in for the kill. Like a hungry wolf fighting for it’s status in the pecking order.
Bombarded by emails, and endless commercial chatter, it can send even the most focused person into a state of confusion. What am I supposed to be doing, where am I supposed to be going, what was the goal?

There is no way we can win if we attempt to measure our external lives by those around us. For we now live in a global community, we no longer live within a small town mentality. So, it is a futile approach to life. We will never be rich enough, skinny enough, funny enough, etc.

Here is the Wisdom of it all. Here is the quiet in eye of a storm, that now surrounds our lives, without our asking.

It is our own inner values and beliefs that we learn to evaluate and nurture.

The external world will only feed the negativity of our deepest fears and insecurities. Negativity results, feeling as if we are walking a endless plank, towering over a 200 ft. drop, with one wrong step and we crash to the bottom. We can never find the satisfaction.

It is our soul, our inner callings that make us who we are. It our own unique thumbprint on the world. No other can possess it. No other can express it as we do.

Seek the inner summons of what speaks to you the loudest. Hear those quiet messages that whisper, and are often drowned out by the nay saying voice.

When you can measure your own thoughts, and yearning’s of the soul with your own external actions in the world then you will have found your place in the world.

Forever seeking the opportunities that embodies your path. The path will then offer the satisfaction and happiness that was meant for you. Sharing your distinct mark on the world.

A few tips to help you along the way. Because we all know, even following the wisdom of our soul, we still live in an external world, and that doesn’t come without obstacles and challanges.

1. Do what works for you

——-there are the popular ways of doing things and there is the way that works for you. Just because everyone else is doing it that way, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Try it. If it does work, great! If it doesn’t work, you didn’t fail, you just know now that you need to seek something else. One size does not fit all.

2. Don’t cover up problems

———Repressing problems is like trying to stop boiling water from boiling while sitting on a stoked fire. Sooner or later we then realize it manifests in health issues, or it comes out sideways, negatively, to those around us. Denying problems doesn’t make them go away.

3. Don’t blame others for your problems

———Can others be the nemesis of some of our problems. No question. Who hasn’t heard of someone purposefully causing harm to another, only for that person to be left with one, big, fat problem.

Blaming will only be a temporary way to blow off steam, it will not fix the problem. So, process the anger and injustice of what or who may have caused or contributed to the problem. Take care of yourself. Find those that are supportive. Nurture yourself and find your equilibrium again.

Once you have removed the toxic affects of the experience, begin to attack the problem. Begin brainstorming solutions. Look at what part can you change. Work out the problem creatively.
Facing it head on, gives the experience new found energy. It expels the toxicity of the problem and the birth of new possibilities and life emerge.

4. What did you learn from the problem

———Write it down. What was the experience and what did you learn from it. Keep what worked and discard what didn’t. Make note of your triumphs.

5. Follow Your Strengths

———Stop trying to fix yourself all the time. Are there changes that we need to make. Sure! No question. But this can be an endless pursuit, to fix ourself, once again comparing ourself to that external measurement. We will never measure up to it. It will never be ‘enough’. Stop that!

Focus on your Strengths! That is your foundation! That is what will propel you towards the path that the wisdom of your soul has for you!

Write it down! Keep it close by. Remind yourself who you are.

Then write down what you LOVE to do!
Narrow it down to 2-3 key items. Or write down as many or as little as you need. Do what works for you.

Next. See how you can incorporate your strengths and your loves together. Then begin plotting your path!

Don’t forget to write it down! Cause there are many cross paths along the way and we can easily get side tracked. Sometimes that is the path, taking a side path, leads us to our soul’s journey. Keep that in mind.

Let your inner expression be your guide. Do what works for you. Do what you gravitate towards.

Cheers to the path of your souls’ wisdom.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Nov. 26, 2016

All Rights Reserved

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