Pretty Packages


Some packages come in the prettiest box, wrapped in the prettiest paper, with a coordinating bow and gift card. With the finest choices of accessories and wrapping paper. Aesthetically pleasing to even the most down-to-earth person. Proudly wearing it’s astounding colors and sparkle. Then you open the package, only to find that what’s inside certainly has been deceiving to the eye (and the mind). Inside just an empty box.
Other packages come creatively wrapped. Utilizing materials already present to repurpose what is available, to not waste any further resources into the environment we are so richly endowed with. Perhaps not much to look at. No sparkle. No glitter. No bright, brilliant colors. Just a plain brown paper look to it’s exterior. Only to find inside a specially thought out gift, that offers much value to the individual receiving it’s bounty. Specially picked out for that person and to be forever treasured and remembered.
Then there is the package that everyone knows what it is, and no one really wants it, because it only represents a reality. Something that someone else wants to give, but most do not care to receive. It’s shape is impossible to wrap and it’s ugly appearance leaves nothing to the imagination. These gifts are often more about the giver then anything to do with the receiver.
Then there is the gift that is the smallest and most untraditional gift of all the gifts under the tree. It costs nothing but time and effort. It is wrapped in last years gift wrap, with the names changed on the well used gift tag. The gift that everyone ACTS like they appreciate it, but secretly wants the gift box that has all the pretty paper, glitter and beautiful bow (before they know what is inside it). From the person who usually has little to spend and is often drowned out by the many others that have extravagant budgets to buy gifts. This gift is wrapped in an undying love that does not have a price tag on it. One that offers the test of loyalty, compassion, and cherished qualities of a person that only few can really appreciate.
Then there is the package that everyone laughs at. It’s fun, everyone loves laughter and fun, there is no denying that. It’s goofy wrapping clearly makes a bold statement and it is talked about for years to come, forever placed in the memories of special times passed. Most likely fitting of the person that gives it. The class clown, the jokester, the life of the party person that everyone wants to be friends with and no matter the interior of the package, always is liked by many. The gift inside, beyond the laughs and the fun. Not much inside. Nothing special thought out. Not really matching to the person receiving it. One of those gifts that is often re-gifted the next year at some holiday party. But the giver is forever cherished and loved, despite their lack of gift giving skills.
Presents come in many shapes and sizes, of many different colors, presented endless ways. As unique as the person giving and receiving it. Some greatly appreciate the time and effort it takes to come up with the wrapping, as well as the gift inside. Some care nothing about the exterior, simply are looking for what’s inside.
There are as many gifts and presentation of gifts as there are varieties of people on the planet.
Gifts are much like people. Each one comes in a different wrapping, and each one offers a different surprise inside. Some surprises not so pleasant, others to be cherished forever.
May you receive the gift that lasts the test of time, that brings joy to your heart and fulfills your most soulful desires. No matter how it is wrapped.
Happy Holidays!

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Dec. 13, 2015

All Rights Reserved

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