Embrace Your Legacy


I stand in the dead cold of the winter night and look up to the sky and see the vast screen of stars. The glow of the moon lights up the pasture clear to the woods. Over the rolling hills I can view into what is usually a darkness.
Then nature awakens a different plan. The clouds begin to stream across the sky to cover the light. It begins to snow and I feel the soft crystals of precipitation fall upon my face. There is utter silence of the night. Not a single noise of the world around can be heard.
One would expect it to be almost eerie, as if you were alone on a planet, never to see another human again. But there is life to the silence. Where only the company of your breathing can be heard. The cold air can be seen as you exhale. The flakes falling through the cold air of your breath. You take a step to hear the crunch of the snow underneath your boots. It is so cold it awakens all your senses into a motivating high.
There is an illicit lure of power in its strength. It’s harsh life defying existence reminds us of how death can fall upon us so easily and yet it brings power to those that respect and conquer it.
One can trek across the tundra of the fallen snow, feeling the coldness of the air enter your lungs. Your lungs take air in and out more quickly, gaining a breath with each step. Taking you deeper and deeper into the sculptured drifts of snow. You can feel your heart pump more and more. It thrusts your energy and clears your mind. Your body heats up and the weight of the layers of clothing become more obvious.
There is a ruggedness to the challenge it invites. An empowering feeling, each time you are able to conquer it’s enticement.

It may be small, some of the everyday victories we overrun, in our everyday lives, but they are to be celebrated. For each of us is able to feel the exhilaration of completing tasks that empower us, and hinge others in wonder of how we do it.

Each of us is a hero in our own making, doing what many may see as the impossible.

Empower yourself with those moments that showcase your life with what seems like the impossible. Each of us bears a burden that we can be proud of how we endured, how we overcame, how we triumphed in doing what may be impossible for another. It is periods in time, like these, that write our legacy.

Do what awakens your life!
Choose to take actions that empower your legacy!

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Dec. 29, 2016

All Rights Reserved

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