Feeling Connected


Was catching up with paddock clean-up today, with Jay (my horse) next to me, quietly munching his hay.
He stops eating, goes over to the pitch fork leaning against the fence and knocks it over. Then begins moving it around on the ground with his nose. I start laughing at his humorous antics to get my attention. He moves a few steps towards me just taking in my laugh, offering both of us a needed break. His head moves close to me, as our eyes meet. I take my hand and very gently stroke his chin and whisper sweet love to him over and over again. His eyes become heavy, and I begin to feel the weight of his chin settle into the palm of my hand. I close my eyes to meditate briefly and take in this moment. I hear the whistling of wind thru the trees, and feel the breeze blowing the whisps of my hair across my face, ever slightly tickling my nose. We both relax into the moment. Sighs of release. Connected with nature and each other. Taking in the comfort and familiarity of each others company.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright January 25, 2014

All Rights Reserved

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