Free Your Soul


We ride to free our souls.
We choose horses and a life with them to free our souls.
Otherwise we remain captive like a prisoner in a cell.

It calls to us till we answer it’s cry
Until we fulfill it’s inner yearnings
It will forever feel as if we have not lived
Our life as it should be
As it has spoken to us in it’s whispers
In all it’s directions

It does not stop
Till we answer it’s call

When we touch the life it brings
Take in the aroma of that life

Ride along as one with this majestic beauty
Feel the switch that turns on the energy inside you
Like you are alive
And free

No longer captive
to the chains of all that kept you from it

Ride like the wind
Free Soul

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Feb. 18, 2017

All Rights Reserved

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