Rejoice in Respite….along the sometimes weary path of life


The weekend has passed, yet I still enjoy the moments that restore my soul and spirit. It is no secret of what that is for me. And here at the Zen farm it is easy to do.
I feel as if I am that rescue horse that has endured much abuse, hatred, and all that equates to negativity. That which kills the spirit and offers little hope. To walk that path for myself was enough, but to watch as Jay sufferd too through all those boarding places only added to the hopelessness I often felt.
There were even times when giving up was, I am embarrassed to say, a passing thought. But Jay kept me going. All that he endured thru his life was undeserving. Yet here was this gentle, sweet horse that was forgiving and offered his funny sense of humor and his loving self to yet another human being.
How could I give up on what message he clearly offered to me.
Just when I thought I could go on no longer and what seemed to be a path with no end, I found relief. The Zen farm that offered peace and tranquillity to more than a decade of abusive barn owners.
So now I replenish my spirit and remind myself of Jay and how he once again offered love, trust and forgiveness from his abuse and neglect. So, as I remember all we have been thru, I work on flushing out the emotions that no longer serve me and learn as Jay has. To once again offer love and forgiveness to those who have done us harm. Wish them well and rejoice in the respite joy that the spirit of the angels has endowed me with a farm where we both can find renewed hope. Gratitude fills my heart today.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright February 17, 2017

All Rights Reserved

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