Living a Conscious Life


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Don’t become what has been done to you. Our animals show us time and time again how they exemplify this act. When I lie down at night and my head rests upon my pillow, moments before I drift off to sleep, I review the events of my day.  When there are those days, that leave you restless because words of hurt were directed at you, that often leave you tossing and turning.  Intruding upon your minds peace.

I wrestle with the thoughts but work at not denying myself the anger that another man or woman may have caused intentional harm my way. I ask myself, how did I respond to their anger directed at me?  Did I respond with respect and with love? Did I respect and love myself thru and after their rude intentions? I ask myself how am I contributing to this cycle? What can I do differently?

Because at the end of the day, it is me I have to live with, in conscience, in sleep, in the mirror, and within the heart of my soul. So, no matter how often I continue to be betrayed and hurt by men and/or women that pass thru my journey of life, the one wish I have for my life, is that I don’t become one of them. That I remain humble, accountable to myself,  to others, and continue to live life respecting & loving those around me.

By Diana Wanamaker

April 15, 2017

All Rights Reserved

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