Heavens Door

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I knocked upon heavens door the other day.

“May I enter?”, I said. I want to take a tour to see the afterlife please. “No entry allowed”, they replied. “Your time here on earth is not complete, there is more life to be lived”. “Go live your life to the fullest, for it is this life that will be treasured and remembered when you one day pass through heavens gates”.

“May I ask another question, please?” I am curious, the stories of those that have seen the other side, only to return to this life again. I hear of their grand journey to this place that is filled with all the love and light one can possibly take in.

“If Heaven is so great why are we not vying to enter thru heaven’s door, instead of fighting to live here in this space?”

Because my curious one, although heaven answers to all of life’s challenges, no longer will you be A-LIVE. Heaven is a dimension beyond our space here on earth.

No longer will you be able to hear the greeting of your horse, or feel the soft fur of your cat. No longer will you know the feeling of triumph of overcoming challenges, or the sweetness of enduring so much and knowing the strengths of your character.

No longer will you be as unique as you are. There will be no more cultivating that essence of who you are into an almighty purpose.

No longer will opportunities accomplished leave your immortal mark in this world of exist.

No longer will you smell the sweet smell of the flowers on a spring day or hear the whistle of the wind through the pine trees in winter’s time.

No longer will you cry your sorrow or laugh with joy or find satisfaction at the end of a long day of hard work.

No longer will you know the elated joy of riding your horse along the countryside, or hear the voice of your friend. Or see the smile of your mother and father’s love.

Yes, the joys of life my curious one, may… at times, be absent of the entitled bliss of heaven. But it is your life today, as you breathe, that bring meaning to your immortal soul. It will be here for you to view, these enormous moments of life, when one day you enter through heaven’s door.

It is here for all, when our time time has expelled, it will be waiting. There are no prejudices or bias upon those who enter. There are no prerequisites or passes where only the elite may enter. There are no special memberships, costs or dues to pay to enter.

So, go now, and let your higher spirit guide your life. Give no strength to the ego that finds joy in your destruction.

Live your life in gratitude and joy.  Embrace the love and beauty of it all.  For each breath you take, each moment you share is the reason for your being.  You are as special as the next one. There is no other like you, now or ever.

Till Heaven’s door calls……

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright April 30, 2017

All Rights Reserved

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