Upon a Moonlit Night

Image -barn in moonlight #2

I walked out to the pasture tonight, to check on the equines. The moon was glowing. I stood there in the quiet of the night. Not even a whisper of the wind. I stared up at the sky and didn’t want to move. It was so inviting. I went back in the barn and grabbed my stool and brought it back out to the pasture to sit near Jay & Sadie, as they grazed. Jay came up to visit with me and then moved further into the tall grass of the pasture. Sadie followed. I moved my seat closer to them and began to mediatate. 3 am in the morning, and there I sat in this world that seemed so balanced and untouched by the turmoil of life.

It was difficult to quiet my mind, it has been so long since I have been able to meditate and I can feel the disconnect from the spiritual realm. As I began to balance my thoughts, the subtle background noise from Jay shifted. I could hear a thump on the ground. My eyes opened to see him laying down. I breathed in and gasped, unable to let out the air I just took in. I sat there watching to be sure he was ok. He just sat there. He seemed alert, grabbed a couple bite’s of grass and continued to lay there. Sadie moved in closer to him, as if to check on him. He rolled over and went back to just laying there, with his ears tuning into the noises of the night.

I sat there, taking in this moment. It is a peacefulness I have not felt in months. I had no desire to move. Jay got up and then just stood there, no interest in grazing. I went over to check on him and he seemed fine.

Oh how I miss this connection. Of just being in the moment. Taking in the quiet life of the barn and the horses. It is a glimpse of more to come for me, when this school year ends. But, for that short while, I could escape the chaos of constant movement and endless mind chatter, along with unceasing ‘to do’ lists, feeling further and further from any divine sacredness. Credit due to the quiet nature of the life of equines, upon a moonlit night.

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright June 1, 2015

All Rights Reserved

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