The Good Fortune of Misfortune

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“I never wanted the misfortune of someone else to by my fortune. I wanted the misfortune of my life to be the good fortune of other’s lives”.

(I think that is what many of us hope for in our writing’s.  That it will be the good fortune of other’s lives.  That our lessons, our pain, our mistakes will be something that others can take with them and walk away knowing and having more, in a way that brings good fortune to many).

By Diana Wanamaker

July 8, 2017

All Rights Reserved

10 thoughts on “The Good Fortune of Misfortune

  1. Love this post. In life it is the smalls things that makes the big things happens. And most of all it is how we touch the world from our hearts that matters the most and how we will be remembered by those who have known us is a challenge we will leave behind to them!

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      • You are very much welcome! And I started writing something about friendship, but I haven’t finished doing so. I need more time to think upon it, the past, the activities, how they came, how they left, what happened, how we reacted, the inspiration they left behind. All these needs to be put into good wordings to make the post interesting. But then on it will be done soon and posted to my page.

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      • Look forward to reading it. I have another friend piece I want to put up there. As time goes by, there are new perspectives of those friendships. Can be seen with more acceptance and love. 🙂

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      • Read it! Enjoyed all the aspect of friendship you spoke up. The descriptions of how friendships can be. Most of all, I enjoyed reading about your older male friend, who moved to Portugal. Would love to have an older male friend. Enjoyed hearing your experiences of friendship. It helped me feel as if I am not so alone to the hurt of friendships, along with all the different experiences we have with friendships. 🙂

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      • Friendship has no distance. Friendship is as old as the heart. One thing I learned about friendship, is when I came to live in Britain, I learned that young people don’t really keep old people as a friends. Even some old people themselves in the west when they see a young person talking to an older person, they give a strange look as if, why are you talking to this person since you are younger and they are older. But as years have passed by, I think the world have changed massively. If you talk to a youth below 30 years old, what kind of conversation can someone receive from such age. You will listen to some kind of high heels kicking the town on a Saturday night and getting drunk in a group of friends. But when you talk to an older person, you can confide in them, you get a challenge, and you learn a lot of things one never knew, and you earn respect too.

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      • Interesting. They don’t keep older friends. Uh! I agree, there is so much to learn from those that are older then us. They love to tell their stories, and I enjoy listening to them. All they have been through. It makes for a interesting time.

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