Image -old clock

Whether it has a rushing insistence on us, or a gathering hold of moments treasured,

Or the slow delays that lead to capture our over peaked interests

Or the precious value of enjoying the paced pursuit of something that offers great rewards
and remarkable marks upon our life

Curious quests involving patience of your time and watch in delight the promise of what time offers.

In the hopes of times to come and cherish the time past, lost or forgotten

Time that seems to stand still during the moment of tragedy

The test of time,
the savory of time.
Time lost….time gone….times remembered….

Another time…

Each breath we take. Exhale in and out and feel the breath of time. Breathing life Into our existence within each moment

Fragments of time that come together as pieces in the puzzle

Time of pain, love and joy

Time passes so quickly

Our most precious gift of this life is Time

Without time we no longer exist
In the spirit world there is no account of time, only space, uninterrupted by time.

At any moment the gift of time can end for us or a loved one

Capturing time
Letting time pass
Living in the ‘now’ of time
The destruction of time
The birth of time
Welcome to the right time!

To see the birth of a child and watch it take in its first breath
To watch the coming together of two who love one another
To kiss the muzzle of a horse’s nose
To hear the purr of a kitten
To feel the sunlight upon your face
To laugh and feel the joy of life

Choose it wisely for once deposits are made, there are no withdrawals
Never to be duplicated again

In each encounter lies the real gift…………….TIme

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