Tell your story by Celebrating your History

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We preserve our accounts of history such as; art, sculptures, books, music, historic buildings, and much more. We create holidays in remembrance of great people and all they have done to achieve, which celebrates their history. We create scrapbooks of years past, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and graduations of achievements and time past, as well as times to come. We share pictures of our own history and the fond memories of times past.  It is testimony of time that defines our culture and writes out story.  By preserving it, we preserve an entire culture and it’s achievements.
We are told that our own history has created and shaped who we are today. Yet in the same breathe we are told to forget the past, leave it behind, live in today. Yet those moments of our past have brought us to this moment.  If we ignore our history, and all that has been, we are saying it never existed at all.   The good, the bad and the ugly of history, whether it is personal or a part of our country’s culture, it needs to be protected.
It should be honored & respected. It is part of who we are.  Glanced at and admired, not just the beauty it has created in this moment but for all those previous moments that has shaped this moment! Just as we would visit the battlefield of the civil war and watch the reenactments, or as we marvel at a painting in a museum of time past. Knowing what was endured to create this moment is just as important as this present moment.  Yet we shun it away, pretend it doesn’t exist, speak of living in today, but many walk the planks of silence with a history that is just screaming to be released. To be acknowledged, to be accepted, to be honored, no matter the battle they fight.  But how can we escape such moments when they too are part of who we are, part of living today and all we have become today.

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Not that we should rent permanent space in those ugly times of our history, or design permanent plots in those moments of ugliness. But to sit in awe & acceptance of it’s existence. Of what we have endured and survived. Weep over the tour of pages, the missing chapters, the stories with chapter heading’s followed by blank pages. Laugh & rejoice at the pages where words leaped out at you and you could imagine the crowds cheering at the amazing accomplishments and hurdles you have overcome.  Preserve the torn and tattered pages, as well as the pages that shine bright colors and glisten in award.  Honor it all. Rarely has any personal history been created without a tragedy or a secret of shame untold.
Our distinctive and unique past is much like a museum of precious art, it’s presence in the moment as you gaze at it’s beauty, also comes with a story untold of how it was created and all that it endured to finally become a piece of beauty in a place of preservation.
Our history, is the moments that have shaped the present and are to be held up and admired!  Remember them as part of your story.

Honoring to all who struggle and to all who have achieved great things because of the struggle!

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright May 25, 2014

All Rights Reserved

7 thoughts on “Tell your story by Celebrating your History

  1. aww thank you Diana. I learnt from a very young age to be wise, open minded about my past. And when I was growing up my mum and dad was not in their twenties, they were very much of age. And I grew up with tradition, culture, family values and the old school way. And everything around me were old and vintage. I am glad I had them all.

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    • Oh, I see. Interesting. You grew up with old school values. Which is where I came from.

      Now, I see how we are connected. Not that older folks like myself and younger folks, like yourself can neve be connected, but it is not always common. The fact that you are open, allows you to experience things and people you may not if you were more linear in thinking.

      Love your history piece you shared. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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      • Thank you so much. I am not really a fan of the modern world. I live in the modern world and most probably when I was born the world was taking the flow at moving into the modern status, and along the way I did met with everything modern, but I still grew up with the old lifestyle since I come from a family that kept the old family values going. And I adore that so much.

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  2. Thank you Diana. It does serves me well, since I don’t I live a life of being scared of the modern world and their inventions do not make me sad. I search for the old stuffs that my old families had, I live with them. And it makes me aware that what I have are valuable much more than the modern world.

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