Find Marvel in the Moments

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Sometimes you just need to escape and unravel the marvels of the world. Step beyond the boundaries of everyday life. Do what teases your mind. Unleash the fun, mystery and adventure of life! Live on the edge for a handful of moments. Sometimes all it takes is to walk to the cliff and look below, and imagine stepping off and flying away into an adventure beyond the mundane of life. Stepping over to the other side allows more perspective to the life that is lived. There is only today, this moment. Live it to the fullest! Do what calls out to you, even if it is for handful of moments.
By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright Sept. 6, 2015

All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Find Marvel in the Moments

  1. Surely one needs to move and go somewhere else one day. We were not born only to live in one place alone and stick there for the rest of our lives. People move, they move away – some return and some never does, but though they return or don’t, they still keep going and coming. The world is a beautiful place. At some points we need to get lost in a city that we don’t know our way around. We need to communicate to people who don’t speak the same language as us. We need to get into a social circle that people are not the same age as us and that is how we can see the world too. Life is is made of funny stuffs, but very interesting if we can detect how to live it and how to find our way of getting to know the world and its human race.

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