The Favors in the Roller Coaster Ride of Life

Image -roller coaster #3

Life is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you are at the top of the hill. So very high that you feel as if you can reach the sky. You breathe in the moment of exhilaration and every cell in your body can not ignore the beauty of these moments.

Down the hill you go, with a speed beyond anything you fathom. It is exciting in these blissful moments. Not knowing, just trusting all will be well in your descent.

Then comes the coasting along. The ever secure moments of just floating along in life without any hills to climb. No barricades, no drama, no life changes. Just life as it is in the moments. Taking in all that you have been blessed with and enjoying the tranquility of coasting along.

Without warning, without planning, without any knowledge your coaster goes off track and crashes. Like a ton of bricks. You look back, forward, all around in shock. Wondering what happened. What could I have done differently? What decision did I make that brought me to this crash site? Is everyone ok? Am I ok? What will become of me? The questions of why become everything in those following moments. Devastation. Turmoil. Chaos. Uncertainty. Loss. Grief. Confusion. Surrounded by this life moment of what is much perceived as destitute.

But the coaster still lives on. There is no choice but to get back up, and rebuild what was lost. Perhaps you rebuild it differently this time. Perhaps you keep what works and the rebuilding of it restores your faith in the track again. Perhaps new doors open, and slowly your coaster finds connection with the track again. A new track, an old track, makes no matter, because there you are, in this moment, alive and well. You made it through the crash. There is no denying it.

Soon life blossoms again and you are able to coast along and enjoy the ride of your life at the top of the hill. That which motivates all of us to go on, to relive those moments that take our breath away. Those moments that offer no match.

Honor the moments of the roller coast ride of life. They are as varied as the actual roller coasters we choose to ride. It is this moment, these moments, that make up the tapestry of our life.

Laugh at them. Cry. Throw a tantrum. Jump with joy. Scream with anger. Sleep. Eat. Love. Pray. Give. Take. Remember gratitude. Change. Be humble. Enjoy it all!

Because this is what we get, the NOW.

And remember……This too shall pass…….

Hold onto the blessings that this roller coast ride of your life offers to you. Grasp them as if there is no other like them again.

By Diana Wanamaker

Oct. 22, 2016

All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “The Favors in the Roller Coaster Ride of Life

  1. it is very true. life has its ups and downs. It is like the waves that rise and fall, but waves is that kind of art that after it has fallen, it never seize to rise again, definitely it does. I think waves is one good advice we can give to anyone that after they have fallen, they can rise quickly. I hope you are having a wonderful Halloween evening. Wishing you a marvelous Sunday!

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