Connect With Spirit

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In a time of confusion and uncertainty and mayhem, there will be a loss of hope. 

Panic and fear will set in.  

The fight and flight response will take over.  

Much like an animal in a state of fear. 

The unknown becomes much like walking down a dark hallway at a death row prison, alone, with all the doors to the cells open.  It feels as if there is no hope and that death is nearby.  

Gather your sensibility. 

Your intelligence.
Your reasoning.  

Your humanity. 

And all that offers a contribution to yourself, your family, your neighbors, and our society.  

Nothing is solved or overcome in a state of panic and fear.  Nothing! 

And history will tell you that.  

Seek out and learn all you can from the past of those that have survived devastating circumstances and overcome them in amazing ways.  

Listen to what inspires and gives hope. 

(Hoarding and listening to mainstream media is not the answer)

(Continuing to spread negative news is not the answer)

Negative attracts negative

It spins it’s negative web quickly

Reach out to others that are in need and/or are alone. 

Concentrate on life and all that it offers. 

Stay in the moment.  

What can you do right now to relieve your anxieties? 

Be self-aware. 

Recognize what is adding to your anxieties and delete them from your life.  

Start to create positivity. 

Panic and fear are a choice. 

Make a different choice.   

It is all energy.  Creating positive energy is just as easy to vibrate to the world.  

If it becomes a collective choice and each person does their part, the energy will change.  

Life will look differently. Light will gleam its healing light upon us.  Answers will come. 

The darkness will have no choice but to extinguish 

Many have survived much worse. 

Watch and learn from those that have lifted the spirit of hope and inspiration into your heart.  

From those that have overcome the impossible.  

From those that have conquered greater odds then one can imagine.  

There are dozens of true stories in the world that have sparked beauty into our essence.  

This is a time where we are all tested. 

It is the response that will determine our fate.  

Panic and fear will not carry us to the finish line. 

That is not what our soldiers do in fighting for our freedom. 

They march on knowing that each day could be their last

Remember those that have seen death, come back with nothing left to come home to, body parts lost, their minds changed forever.  

Remember those that have served and died. 

Take this as an example of how to respond in times of uncertainty.  

It is their courage that has allowed us to be here today. 

Many have died so we could live.   

Use this os a guide to your CHOICE on how to respond. 

Be part of the problem or be part of the solution. 

It is a choice

Only strength, Courage, and humanity will help us overcome our current challenges

By Diana Wanamaker

Copyright April 2, 2020

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