There were two creative urges that motivated me to begin this blog.

The main inspiration for the name and intention of this blog is from what I consider to have an unexplainable connection to, Elephants. Despite never encountering an elephant in person, I hear a calling to them within my own heart, and am moved each time I watch a video or read a story of how they live their lives. I inspire to live a life as beautifully created as they do. Their deep commitment to their families, the community that works together to raise the babies, the honor they offer to those that have given to them, the respect and grief they give to those that have passed on, the quiet existence they live despite the brutality and disrespect they have encountered. Their incredible ability to love and to express emotions. Their life long friendships that see beyond character flaws and differences. To live by their example of how they march for miles, together, to honor a man that fought for the very nature of their being. I am forever moved by these grand animals and I wanted to make every attempt at writing the inspiration of living a life that is as altruistic and eminent as the life of elephants. May the presence of their most desirable character reside in myself and the energy of this blog.

Secondly, I was motivated to speak out of truths that are often placed under the rug. The elephant in the room that most everyone dances around, ignoring it’s prescence. As it tramples around, destroying other’s lives.

To the truth seekers of the world. Those that have stood up to the lies and injustices that are hidden in the name of profit, greed or status. Whose courage and example of human compassion and interest raise honors, with few honoring their gallant charge across the fields of injustice. May the spirit of their stands encompass this blog. May it give energy and life to those that fear facing their own injustices against those that are larger and stronger then themselves.

Here’s to the elephants that live their lives by example, as well as to the those that stand up to the elephant in the room, that everyone ignores.

You will find that I will present many stories that inspire my everyday living from my horses and the animals I am so blessed to receive in this lifetime. My horses, are forever an inspiration to my life and to the world around me. Teaching life lessons at every turn. Or fueled by the untold truths of the world. Life experiences from every direction that inspire me to tell my stories, in hopes, to connect to other’s in the most positive way.



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